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European Journal of Operational Research 4 Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research 3 International Journal of Production Economics 3
Applied Mathematical Modelling 2 Naval Research Logistics 2 Operations Research Letters 2
Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference 2 Production and Operations Management 2 2007 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, NETWORKING AND MOBILE COMPUTING, VOLS 1-15 1
2013 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT (IEEM 2013) 1 2015 12th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management, ICSSSM 2015 1 Applied Mathematics and Computation 1
Computer Communications 1 Computers and Industrial Engineering 1 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 1
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS 1 International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management 1 International Symposium on Operations Research and its Applications in Engineering, Technology and Management 1
International Workshop on Quality of Service 1 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 1