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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06-01Framework of vehicle emission inspection and control through RFID and traffic lightsVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Weng, Fai Ip (葉穎暉)
2010-06-01Case-based Reasoning for Automotive Engine Performance Tune-upVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Huang, He; Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵)
2010-06-01Signal Analysis of Automotive Engine Spark Ignition System using Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) and Case-based Maintenance (CBM)Huang, He; Vong, Chi Man (黃志文); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵)
2010-06-01Modelling and Prediction of Spark-ignition Engine Power Performance using Incremental Least Squares Support Vector MachinesWong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Vong, Chi Man (黃志文); WONG, Hang Cheong (王衡鏘); Li, Ke (李可)
2010-07-01Chatting in the Wiki: Synchronous-asynchronous integrationBiuk-Aghai, Robert Parviz; Lei, Keng Hong
2010-08-01Predictive Air-Ratio Controller for Automotive Engines based on Online Neural Network: design and experimental evaluationWong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Vong, Chi Man (黃志文); IP, Weng Fai (葉穎暉); WONG, Hang Cheong (王衡鏘)
2010-08-01Case-based Classification System with Clustering for Automotive Engine Spark Ignition DiagnosisVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); IP, Weng Fai (葉穎暉)
2010-08-01Least Squares Support Vector Prediction for Daily Atmospheric Pollutant LevelIp, Weng Fai (葉穎暉); Vong, Chi Man (黃志文); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵)
2010-06-20Engine Spark Ignition Diagnosis with Wavelet Packet Transform and Case-based ReasoningVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Huang, He; Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵)
2010-06-20Forecasting daily ambient air pollution based on least squares support vector machinesIP, Weng Fai (葉穎暉); Vong, Chi Man (黃志文); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵)
2010-06-01Multi-tissue Tetrahedral Mesh Generation from Medical ImagesHu, Ping; Chen, Hui; Wu, Wen (吳雯); Heng, Pheng Ann
2008-09-01A Method for Measuring Co-authorship Relationships in MediaWikiTang, Libby Veng-Sam; Biuk-Aghai, Robert Parviz; Fong, Simon
2014-07-01Sparsity-driven reconstruction of ℓ∞-decoded imagesLi, Yuanman; Zhou, Jiantao (周建濤)
2014-07-01Estimation of capacity parameters for dynamic histogram shifting (DHS)-based reversible image watermarkingDong, Li; Zhou, Jiantao (周建濤); Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎); Liu, Xianming
2014-06-01Disease Detection Using Tongue Geometry Features with Sparse Representation ClassifierZhang, Han; Zhang, Bob (張一博)
2014-02-25A new 1D parameter-control chaotic frameworkHua, Zhongyun; Zhou, Yicong (周怡聰); Pun, Chi Man (潘治文); Chen, C. L. Philip (陳俊龍)
2014-02-25A new collage steganographic algorithm using cartoon designYi, Shuang; Zhou, Yicong (周怡聰); Pun, Chi Man (潘治文); Chen, C. L. Philip (陳俊龍)
2014-02-25Parametric rational unsharp masking for image enhancementYin, Changzhe; Zhou, Yicong (周怡聰); Agaian, Sos; Chen, C. L. Philip (陳俊龍)
2013-10-22Nonlocal Means Algorithm Using Superformula Kernel for Image DenoisingChen, Lunbo; Zhou, Yicong; Chen, C. L. Philip (陳俊龍)
2013-10-25Image Double Encryption Based on Parametric Discrete Cosine TransformCao, Han; Zhou, Yicong (周怡聰); Chen, C. L. Philip (陳俊龍)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 205