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Innovation Value Chain of Chinese Pharmaceuticals
Yitao Wang1; Yuanjia Hu1; Albert Wai-Kit Chan2
PublisherUnited States-China Intellectual Property Institute Inc.
Publication Place141-07 20th Avenue World Plaza, Suite 604 Whitestone, NY 11357

Background: Global healthcare innovation networks nowadays have expanded beyond developed countries, with many developing countries joining the force and becoming important players. China, in particular, has seen a significant increase in the number of innovative firms and research organizations stepping up to the global network in recent years. Nevertheless, the intense R&D input has not brought about the expected output. While China is ascending at a great speed to a leading position worldwide in terms of R&D investment, scientific publications and patents, the innovation capabilities in the pharmaceutical sector remain weak. Discussion: This study discusses the challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical innovation in China. On one hand, academic, industrial, institutional and financial constraints were found to be the major and inevitable barriers hindering the development of drug innovation. On the other hand, unique advantages had been observed which included a growing pharmaceutical market, R&D funding, distinctive R&D source, and international cooperation. Summary: The most important thing for China’s pharmaceutical sector to leap forward is to break though innovation barriers and integrate own advantages into global value-chain of healthcare product development.

KeywordChina Pharmaceutical Industry Obstacles Opportunities Global Network Innovation
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 P.9

Obstacles and opportunities in Chinese pharmaceutical innovation

Chapter 2 P.31

Analyzing the Chinese landscape in anti-diabetic drug research: Leading knowledge production institutions and thematic communities

Chapter 3 P.53

Monitoring drug research on clinical neurology in China: An analysis of institutional leaders and community themes

Chapter 4 P.73

China’s landscape of discovering miRNAs in cancer

Chapter 5 P.91

Global landscape of research and development on antibiotics

Chapter 6 P.115

Entry inhibitors for AIDS therapy: A review of research and development projects

Chapter 7 P.135

Collaboration networks for R&D of monoclonal antibodies: An analysis based on pipeline projects

Chapter 8 P.159

Research and development of hepatitis B drugs: An analysis based on technology flows measured by patent citations

Chapter 9 P.187

An analysis of technology flows of antidepressants based on patent citation network

Chapter 10 P.209

Pharmaceutical patent valuation based on empirical models

Chapter 11 P.221

Cross-regional pharmaceutical technology transfer in China: An empirical study based on spatial interaction model

Chapter 12 P.241

Changing pharmaceutical registration rules in China: Latest update and potential impacts

Chapter 13 P.259

Pharmaceutical innovation network: Global patterns and the role of China

About The Editors P.282

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Document TypeBook
专题Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences
Affiliation1.State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences, University of Macau, Macau SAR, China
2.United States-China Intellectual Property Institute, New York, United States
First Author AffilicationInstitute of Chinese Medical Sciences
GB/T 7714
Yitao Wang,Yuanjia Hu,Albert Wai-Kit Chan. Innovation Value Chain of Chinese Pharmaceuticals[M]. 141-07 20th Avenue World Plaza, Suite 604 Whitestone, NY 11357:United States-China Intellectual Property Institute Inc.,2017.
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