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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-08-13Design for Lateral Torsional Buckling of Coped I-beamsLam, C.C.(林智超); Yam, M.C.H.; Iu, V.P.; Cheng, J.J.R.
2014-09-22Lipid production by a mixed culture of oleaginous yeast and microalga from distillery and domestic mixed wastewaterLing, Jia yin; Nip, Sai wa; Cheok, Wai leong; Alves de Toledo, Renata; Shim, Hojae
2012-04-03Particle mass yield from β-caryophyllene ozonolysisChen, Q.; Li, Y. L.; McKinney, K. A.; Kuwata, M.; Martin, S. T.
2016-08-03Forced vibration analysis of functionally graded beams by the meshfree boundary-domain integral equation methodYang, Y.; Lam, C.C. (林智超); Kou, K.P.(高冠鵬)
2016-09-21Modeling the soil water retention properties of same-textured soils with different initial void ratiosTan, Fang; Zhou, Wanhuan (周萬歡); Yuen, Ka Veng (阮家榮)
2014-03-19Aqueous-phase photochemical oxidation and direct photolysis of vanillin - a model compound of methoxy phenols from biomass burningLi, Y. J.; Huang, D. D.; Cheung, H.Y.; Lee, A. K. Y; Chan, C. K.
2005-07-15Simple methods for rapid determination of sulfite in food productsLi, Yong jie; Zhao, Mei ping
2016-07-20Model Development and Surface Analysis of a Bio-chemical ProcessJiang, Da zhi; Zhou, Wan huan (周萬歡); Garg, Ankit; Garg, Akhil
2016-06-17Design for inelastic local web buckling of coped beamsLam, Angus C.C.(林智超); Zhang, Yanyang; Qin, Yi; Yam, Michael C. H.; Iu, V.P.
2016-06-28Local web buckling mechanism and practical design of double-coped beam connectionsYam, Michael, C. H.; Fang, Cheng; Lam, Angus C.C(林智超)
2015-06-12Feasibility study of shape memory alloy ring spring systems for self-centring seismic resisting devicesFang, Cheng; Yam, Michael C H; Lam, Angus C C(林智超); Zhang, Yanyang
2015-06-17Online updating and uncertainty quantification using nonstationary output-only measurementYuen, Ka Veng (阮家榮); Kuok, Sin Chi (郭善知)
2014-10-18Reply to the discussion by Mesri and Wang on “Large-strain elastic viscoplastic consolidation analysis of very soft clay layers with vertical drains under preloading”Hu, Ya Yuan; Zhou, Wan huan(周萬歡); Cai, Yuan Qiang
2015-03-22Modeling Growth of Filaments and Floc Formers in Activated Sludge Flocs: Integrating the Effects of Kinetics and DiffusionLou, Inchio; Ieong, Iek In
2015-08-01Using Principle Component Regression, Artificial Neural Network, and Hybrid Models for Predicting Phytoplankton Abundance in Macau Storage ReservoirIeong, Iek In; Lou, In Chio (盧然超); Ung, Wai Kin; Mok, Kai Meng (莫啟明)
2015-03-01On the Proper Estimation of the Confidence Interval for the Design Formula of Blast-induced Vibrations with Site RecordsYan, Wai Man; Yuen, Ka Veng (阮家榮)
2013-12-01Axisymmetric Consolidation of Unsaturated Soils by Differential Quadrature MethodZhou, Wan-Huan (周萬歡)
2013-12-01FBG-Based Creep Analysis of GFRP Materials Embedded in ConcreteLi, Guo-Wei; Hong, Cheng-Yu; Dai, Jian; Yu, Liang; Zhou, Wan-Huan (周萬歡)
2013-11-01Energy Harvesting from High-rise Buildings by a Piezoelectric Coupled Cantilever with a Proof MassXie, X.D.; Wu, Nan; Yuen, Ka Veng (阮家榮); Wang, Quan
2014-09-01Application of PCR and Real-time PCR for Monitoring Cyanobacteria, Microcystis spp. and Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii in Macau Freshwater ReservoirZhang, Weiying; Lou, In Chio (盧然超); Ung, Wai Kin; Kong, Yijun; Mok, Kai Meng (莫啟明)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 77