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Title: A 0.0012mm2, 8mW, single-to-differential converter with <1.1% data cross error and <3.4ps RMS jitter up to 14Gb/s data rate
Authors: Mak, Pui In (麥沛然)
Issue Date: May-2013
Citation: IET Electronics Letters, May. 2013, v. 49, no. 11, p. 692-694
Abstract: An extremely-compact doubly-balancing single-to-differential converter (S2D) for high-speed wireline systems is reported. It incorporates a two-stage topology with coarse balancing in the 1st, and fine balancing in the 2nd via adopting a compact positive-feedback active inductor that simultaneously boosts the signal bandwidth. Fabricated in 65nm CMOS, the S2D measures <1.1% data cross error and <3.4ps RMS jitter up to a 14Gb/s data rate. The die occupies 0.0012mm2 and consumes 8mW.
ISSN: 0013-5194
Keywords: Single-to-Differential Converter
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