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Title: Case-based reasoning and adaptation in hydraulic production machine design
Authors: Vong, Chi Man (黃志文)
Leung, Tin Pui
Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵)
Issue Date: Sep-2002
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Engineering Application of Artificial Intelligence, 2002, v. 15, no. 6, p. 567-585
Abstract: Case-based reasoning (CBR) can support hydraulic circuit design. Existing expert systems for hydraulic system design use production rules as its source of knowledge. However, this leads to problems of knowledge acquisition and knowledge base maintenance. This paper describes the application of CBR to hydraulic circuit design for production machines, which helps solving problems using past experience. A technique Case-based adaptation (CBA) is implemented in the adaptation stage of CBR so that adaptation becomes much easier. A prototype system has been developed to verify the usefulness of CBR and CBA in hydraulic production machines.
ISSN: 0952-1976
Keywords: Case-based reasoning (CBR)
Case-based adaptation (CBA)
Hydraulic circuit design
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