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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06-24Relationships between digital nativity, value orientation, and motivational interference among college studentsChen, Pin Hwa; Teo, Timothy (張慶元); Zhou, Mingming (周明明)
2016-03-04The quality of classroom experiences in Chinese kindergarten classrooms across settings and learning activities: Implications for teacher preparationHu, Bi ying (胡碧颖); Dieker, Lisa; Yang, Yi (楊義); Yang, Ning
2016-03-22Development and current status of counselling psychology in TaiwanTu, Su Fen; Jin, Shuh Ren (金樹人)
2016-01-08Enhancing professional learning communities through knowledge artifacts in mainland ChinaQiao, Xue feng; Yu, Shu lin (于書林)
2016-01-01An exploratory study on the role of L1 use in peer written feedback of L2 writingYu, Shu lin (于書林)
2016-02-08Exploring Chinese students' strategy use in a cooperative peer feedback writing groupYu, Shu lin (于書林); Lee, Icy
2016-02-08Exploring Chinese students’ strategy use in a cooperative peer feedback writing groupYu, Shu lin (于書林); Lee, Icy
2016-09-07Short-Term High-Intensity Interval Training on Body Composition and Blood Glucose in Overweight and Obese Young WomenKong, Zhaowei(孔兆偉); Sun, Shengyan; Liu, Min; Shi, Qingde
2016-09-30Can higher-proficiency L2 learners benefit from working with lower-proficiency partners in peer feedback?Yu, Shulin(于書林); Hu, Guangwei
2016-03-07What impedes the development of professional learning communities in China? Perceptions from leaders and frontline teachers in three schools in ShanghaiZhang, Jia; Yuan, Rui; Yu, Shu lin (于書林)