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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09-01Chinese early childhood environment rating scale (trial) (CECERS): A validity studyLi, Kejian; Hu, Biying (胡碧颖); Pan, Yi; Qin, Jinliang; Fan, Xitao (范息濤)
2014-05-30Uniqueness and Overlap: Characteristics and Longitudinal Correlates of Native Chinese Children’s Writing in English as a Foreign LanguageZhang, Juan (張娟); McBride-Chang, Catherine; Wagner, Richard; Chan, ShingFong
2014-11-12Dynamic Geometry Software Improves Mathematical Achievement: Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisChan, Kan Kan (陳勤勤); Leung, Siu Wai (梁少偉)
2015-06-24How parenting and filial piety influence happiness, parent-child relationships, and quality of family life in Taiwanese adult childrenChen, Wei Wen (陳薇文); Wu, Chih Wen; Yeh, Kuang Hui
2015-06-15It feels good to learn where I belong: school belongingness, academic emotions, and academic achievement in adolescentsLam, Un Fong; Chen, Wei Wen (陳薇文); Zhang, Jing Qi; Liang, Ting
2014-09-29An analysis of Chinese EFL students’ use of first and second language in peer feedback of L2 writingYu, Shu lin (于書林); Lee, Icy
2015-08-09Validation of a Chinese version of the Psychological Sense of School Membership (C-PSSM): Tests of measurement invariance and latent mean differencesTeo, Timothy(張慶元); Cheung, Hoi Yan (張凱欣); Kam, Chun Seng (甘俊生)
2016-02-08Exploring Chinese students' strategy use in a cooperative peer feedback writing groupYu, Shu lin(于書林); Lee, Icy
2016-01-01An exploratory study on the role of L1 use in peer written feedback of L2 writingYu, Shu lin (于書林)
2015-12-01What factors shape the collaborative pattern of group interaction during peer feedback in the L2 writing classroom?Yu, Shulin (于書林)