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Title: Property propagation rules for prioritizing and synchronizing trading activities
Authors: Si, Yain Whar (池英華)
Edmond, David
ter Hofstede, Arthur H. M.
Dumas, Marlon
Issue Date: Jun-2003
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Citation: IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce (CEC 2003), Jun. 2003, p. 245-255
Abstract: With the growing number of marketplaces and trading partners in the e–commerce environment, software tools designed to act on behalf of human traders are increasingly used to automate trading activities. This paper describes a model for constructing trading engines which are capable of concurrently participating in multiple interrelatednegotiations with heterogeneous protocols. Thesetree–structured engines are configured by means of a single generic synchronization construct which enables the incremental composition of complex trading schemes, including a number of well known strategies from the financial trading domain. The construct is augmented by a priority–basedscheduling algorithm which selects a set of nodes for negotiation based on their estimated profit, the time remaining and the desired degree of concurrency. The model also provides iterative negotiation, which is essential in any complextrading environment.
Keywords: Trading activities
Negotiation protocols
Concurrent negotiations

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