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Title: Semantic & morphological analysis and mouse tracking technology in translation tool
Authors: Wong, Fai (黃輝)
Dong, Ming Chui (董名垂)
Li, Yi Ping (李怡平)
Mao, Yu Hang (茅于杭)
Issue Date: Jan-2003
Publisher: CRC Press
Citation: Computational Methods in Engineering and Science (EPMESC IX), Jan. 2013, p.525-532
Abstract: This paper presents the research results of several technologies in Chi-nese/Portuguese machine translation system (PCT translation system). This includes the analy-sis at the morphology of Portuguese lexical items and the extraction of correlative semantic in-formation. Comparing with English, Portuguese has a rich developed morphology and is more difficult in machine auto translation. The study of the mouse tracking technology to create a fast on-line reading environment in translation system is another topic that will be discussed in this paper. Finally, the resolution of conflicts caused by the different character coding systems of Portuguese and Chinese is studied.
ISBN: 9789058095671
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