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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-09Case-based reasoning and adaptation in hydraulic production machine designVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Leung, Tin Pui; Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵)
2002-12Applications of Case-based Reasoning in MacauVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Li, Yi Ping (李怡平); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Mak, Peng Un (麥炳源); Vai, Mang I (韋孟宇)
2008-09Data preprocessing and modelling of electronically-controlled automotive engine power performance using kernel principal components analysis and least squares support vector machinesWong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Vong, Chi Man (黃志文); Tam, Lap Mou (譚立武); Li, Ke
2009-06Case-based reasoning for automotive engine electronic control unit calibrationVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Huang, He
2000-09Hydraulic circuit design and dynamic learning using case-based reasoningVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵)
2004-10Data postprocessing for automotive engine tune-upVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Chan, Io Weng; Chang, Chio Pang; Leong, Wai Kei
2005-09Data transformation in modern petrol engine tune-upVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Li, Yi Ping (李怡平)
2000-12Automatic industrial hydraulic circuit design using case-based reasoningVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Babka, Otakar; Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵)
2011-09Ignition pattern analysis for automotive engine trouble diagnosis using wavelet packet transform and support vector machinesVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Tam, Lap Mou (譚立武); Zhang, Zai Yong
2011-07Preliminary study on telemetric vehicle emission examinationWong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Vong, Chi Man (黃志文); Ip, Weng Fai (葉穎暉); Wong, Hang Cheong (王衡鏘)