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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-09A computational and theoretical analysis of local null space discriminant method for pattern classificationCheng, Miao; Fang, Bing; Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎); Chen, Heng Xin
2011-12-07Nonnegative class-specific entropy component analysis with adaptive step search criterionCheng, Miao; Pun, Chi Man (潘治文); Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎)
2013-04Generalization performance of support vector classifiers for density level detectionChen, Hong (陳紅); Zhou, Yi Cong (周怡聰); Tang, Yi (唐藝); Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎); Pan, Zhi Bin
2012-09An algorithm of detecting outliers in SVRShaohua Zeng, Shaohua; Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎); Wei, Yan; Qin, Han Shu
2013-08Convergence rate of the semi-supervised greedy algorithmChen, Hong (陳紅); Zhou, Yi Cong (周怡聰); Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎); Li, Luo Qing; Pan, Zhi Bin
2013-09A no-reference image sharpness estimation based on expectation of wavelet transform coefficientsZhao, Heng Jun; Fang, Bin; Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎)
2013-06Spectral-spatial linear discriminant analysis for hyperspectral image classificationYuan, Hao Liang; Lu, Yang; Yang, Lina; Luo, Hui Wu; Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎)
2013-08Sparse representation frontal facial recognition algorithm based on eigenfaceDing, Bo Yang; Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎); Zhang, Zhen Chao; Wang, Xue Wei
2013-03ISABoost: a weak classifier inner structure adjusting based adaboost algorithm-ISABoost based application in scene categorizationQian, Xue Ming; Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎); Yan, Zhe; Hang, Kai Yu
2013-02Generalization performance of fisher linear discriminant based on Markov samplingZou, Bin; Li, Luo Qing; Xu, Zong Ben; Luo, Tao; Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎)