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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-09Tracking control of a redundant manipulator with the assistance of tactile sensingWang, Jing Guo; Li, Yang Min (李楊民)
2012-03Modeling and control analysis of a 3-PUPU dual compliant parallel manipulator for micro positioning and active vibration isolationYun, Yuan; Li, Yang Min (李楊民)
2012-01Inverse dynamics of a 3-PRC parallel kinematic machineLi, Yang Min (李楊民); Staicu, Stefan
2010-10Optimal design and fabrication of a piezoactuated flexure XYZ parallel micropositioning stageXu, Qing Song (徐青松); Li, Yang Min (李楊民)
2010-11System identification and vibration control of a piezo-driven flexure-based XYZ parallel micropositioning stageLi, Yang Min (李楊民); Xu, Qing Song (徐青松)
2011-02Analytical modeling, optimization and testing of a compound bridge-type compliant displacement amplifierXu, Qing Song (徐青松); Li, Yang Min (李楊民)
2011-06Precise positioning control of a micropositioning system with nonminimum-phase plantXu, Qing Song (徐青松); Li, Yang Min (李楊民)
2011-05Modeling and control of rate-dependent hysteresis for a Piezo-driven micropositioning stageXu, Qing Song (徐青松); Li, Yang Min (李楊民)
2010-11A cooperated-robot arm used for rehabilitation treatment with hybrid impedance control methodWang, Jing Guo (王經國); Li, Yang Min (李楊民)
2010-12A study on a robotic arm contacting with human skin using tactile sensing feedback strategiesWang, Jing Guo (王經國); Li, Yang Min (李楊民)