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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-07Durable top-k search in document archivesU, Leong Hou (余亮豪); Mamoulis, Nikos; Berberich, Klaus; Bedathur, Srikanta J.
2010-06Security in physical environments: algorithms and system for automated detection of suspicious activityBiuk-Aghai, Robert Parviz (羅景山); Si, Yain Whar (池英華); Fong, Simon; Yan, Peng Fan
2012-02Hybrid machine aided translation system based on constraint synchronous grammar and translation corresponding treeWong, Fai (黃輝); Oliveira, Francisco; Li, Yi Ping (李怡平)
2011-07Web-based virtual workplace environment for improving safetyYang, Zhi Xin (楊志新)
2010-01A 1.2-V 10-bit 60-360MS/s time-interleaved pipelined ADC in 0.18µm CMOS with minimized supply headroomSin, Sai Weng (冼世榮); U, Seng Pan (余成斌); Martins, Rui Paulo Da Silva (馬許願)
2010-09Critical path based approach for predicting temporal exceptions in resource constrained concurrent workflowsLeong, Iok Fai (梁旭暉); Si, Yain Whar (池英華); Biuk-Aghai, Robert Parviz (羅景山)
2010-05Effects of overburden stress and grouting pressure on soil nail pullout resistanceZhou, Wan Huan (周萬歡); Yin, Jian Hua; Hong, Cheng Yu
2011-09Cyclops – snapshot translation system based on mobile deviceWong, Fai (黃輝); Chao, Sam (周沁); Chan, Wai Kit
2010-11Portuguese Chinese machine aided translation systemOliveira, Francisco; Wong, Fai (黃輝); Chao, Sam (周沁); Tang, Chi Wai
2011-09Eutrophication of main storage reservoir in MacauZhang, Wei Ying; Lou, In Chio (盧然超); Ung, Wai Kin; Kong, Yi Jun; Mok, Kai Meng (莫啟明)