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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-09斑馬魚: 新型骨骼研究模式生物Li, Zhen Hua (李振華); Alex, Deepa; Xu, Yan Ling (徐燕玲); Lee, Ming Yuen (李銘源)
2010-09益智仁醇提物通過抑制iNOS-NO保護6-OHDA引起的PC12細胞損傷Liao, Wan Ying (廖婉瑩); Zhang, Zai Jun (張在軍); Wang, Mei Wei (王美薇); Hong, Si Jia (洪思佳); Lee, Ming Yuen (李銘源)
2010-07谷精草提取物在PC12細胞和斑馬魚中保護6-OHDA引起的神經損傷Wang, Mei Wei (王美微); Zhang, Zai Jun (張在軍); Lin, Zhi Xiu (林志秀); Lee, Ming Yuen (李銘源)
2012-03Peptide fingerprinting of the neurotoxic fractions isolated from the secretions of sea anemones Stichodactyla helianthus and Bunodosoma granulifera. New members of the APETxlike family identified by a 454 pyrosequencing approach.Rodríguez, Armando Alexei; Cassoli, Juliana Silva; Sa, Fei; Dong, Zhi Qiang; Lee, Ming Yuen (李銘源); Zaharenko, André J.
2011-05Fully automatable two-dimensional reversed-phase capillary liquid chromatography with online tandem mass spectrometry for shotgun proteomics.Siu, S. O.; Chu, Ivan K.; Lee, Ming Yuen (李銘源); Lam, Maggie P. Y.; Lau, Edward; Kong, Ricky P. W.
2011-10A review of the pharmacological effects of arctium lappa (burdock)Chan, Yuk Shing; Lee, Ming Yuen (李銘源); Cheng, Long Ni; Wu, Jian Hong; Chan, Enoch; Kwan, Yiu Wa; Leung, Pak Heng; Yu, Hoi Fu; Chan, Shun Wan
2011-07Modify Attachment - Combined in vivo imaging and omics approaches reveal metabolism of icaritin and its glycosides in zebrafish larvae.Lee, Ming Yuen (李銘源); Li, Zhen Hua; Alex, Deepa; Siu, Shiu On; Yan, Wendy Ru; Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤); Li, Guo Hui; Chu, Keung; Renn, Joerg; Lou, Shaoke; Winkler, Christoph; Kwan, Yiu Wa; Zhao, Hai Yu; Mahady, Gail B,
2012-01Ethanolic extract of Fructus Alpinia oxyphylla protects against 6-hydroxydopamine-induced damage of PC12 cells in vitro and dopaminergic neurons in zebrafishLee, Ming Yuen (李銘源); Zhang, Zai Jun
2011-06Development of online high-/low-pH reversed-phase-reversed-phase two-dimensional liquid chromatography for shotgun proteomics: A reversed-phase-strong cation exchange-reversed-phase approachKong, Ricky P. W.; Chu, Ivan K.; Lee, Ming Yuen (李銘源); Siu, S. O.; Lo, Clive
2011-01A natural product-like inhibitor of NEDD8-activating enzymeLeung, Chung Hang; Ma, Dik Lung; Lee, Ming Yuen (李銘源); Chan, Shiu Hin; Yang, Hui; Abagyan, Ruben; Zhu, Guo Yuan; Fong, Wang Fun