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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10-19Network Characteristics and Organizational Structure of Chinese Drug Trafficking GroupsLi, Spencer De(李德); Liu, Jianhong(劉建宏)
2015-09-01Chinese Police Supervisors’ Occupational Attitudes: Role Orientation, Community Policing, and Job SatisfactionSun, Ivan Y.; Liu, Jian hong (劉建宏); Farmer, Ashley K.
2016-10-08Are children of rural migrants more delinquent than their peers? A comparative analysis of delinquent behaviors in the City of Guangzhou, ChinaLiu, Jianhong(劉建宏); Liu, Siyu
2015-11-01Peer Influence, Genetic Propensity, and Binge Drinking: A Natural Experiment and a ReplicationGuo, Guang; Li, Yi; Wang, Hong yu (王紅宇); Cai, Tian ji (蔡天驥); Duncan, Greg J.
2015-10-09Too big to be bad? Implications for theory and review of research on crimes, vices, and misdeeds in the casino culture of MacauZabielskis, Peter
2017-03-01The Asian Criminological Paradigm and How It Links Global North and South: Combining an Extended Conceptual Toolbox from the North with Innovative Asian ContextsLiu, Jianhong(劉建宏)
2005-10-01Commercially Arranged Marriage Migration Case Studies of Cross-border Marriages in TaiwanLu, Chia Wen (呂家玟)
2014-05-03Catholicism and Its Civic Engagement: Case Studies of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, and ShanghaiHao, Zhidong (郝志東); Chan, Shun Hing; Kuo, Wen-ban; Tam, Yik Fai; Ming, Ming
2011-09-01A System’s Approach of Crime Prevention: The Case of MacaoZhao, Ruohui (趙若輝); Liu, Jianhong (劉建宏)
2012-02-01Chinese Narcotics Trafficking: A Preliminary ReportHuang, Kaicheng; Liu, Jianhong (劉建宏); Zhao, Ruohui; Zhao, Guoling; Friday, Paul C.
2009-06-25Socio-Demographic Correlates of Fear of Crime and the Social Context of Contemporary Urban ChinaLiu, Jianhong (劉建宏); Messner, Steven F.; Zhang, Lening; Zhuo, Yue
2009-03-14Asian Asia Criminology – Challenges, Opportunities, And DirectionsLiu, Jianhong (劉建宏)
2009-09-01Restorative Justice and Chinese Traditional Legal Culture in the Context of Contemporary Chinese Criminal Justice ReformLiu, Jianhong (劉建宏)
2007-09-01A Multilevel Analysis of the Risk of Household Burglary in the City of Tianjin, China (2007)Zhang, Lening; Messner, Steven F.; Liu, Jianhong (劉建宏)
2007-09-01Criminological Research in Contemporary China: Lessons Learned from a Large-scale Survey of Criminal Victimization (2007)Zhang, Lening; Messner, Steven F.; Liu, Jianhong (劉建宏)
2007-09-01Developing Comparative Criminology and the Case of ChinaLiu, Jianhong (劉建宏)
2007-10-01China Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Law: The Law and the Philosophy (2007)Zhang, Lening; Liu, Jianhong (劉建宏)
2007-09-01Risks of criminal victimization in contemporary urban China: An application of Routine Activities Theory (2007)Messner, Steven F.; Zhang, Lening; Liu, Jianhong (劉建宏); Zhou, Lu
2007-09-01Bicycle Theft Victimization in Contemporary Urban China: A Multi-Level Assessment of Risk and Protective Factors (2007)Zhang, Lening; Messner, Steven F.; Liu, Jianhong (劉建宏)
2007-11-08An Exploration of the Determinants of Reporting Crime to the Police in the City of Tianjin, China. (2007)ZHANG, LENING; MESSNER, STEVEN F.; Liu, Jianhong (劉建宏)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 34