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Title: Connectedness and alienation in the relationship patterns of third culture kids
Authors: Van Schalkwyk, Gertina Johanna
Lijadi, Anastasia Aldelina
Issue Date: Aug-2013
Citation: 11th Oxford symposium for school-based family counselling, Aug. 2013
Abstract: Third Culture Kids (TCKs) typically live in the borderland between different worlds characterised by exposure to multiple cultural values through globalisation, increased mobility and access to the electronic media. In this paper, we report on the performances of TCKs on the Collage Life-story Elicitation Technique (CLET) and their representation of relational patterns and inter-connectedness. We elicited autobiographical remembering and narrative performance through collage-making, storytelling, positioning of the self, silent voices and juxtaposition to explore the dynamic conflicts underlying the impact of their high-mobility lifestyle on the relationship formation of TCKs in Macao. In-depth thematic analysis indicated that the CLET is an effective tool to elicit culturally rich narratives and representations of the connectedness or alienation experienced by TCKs. The findings suggest that relational patterns and cultural values forming the basis of connectedness are challenges in various social and personal settings. We also discuss the dis-enabling effect of a sense of disconnectedness and potential school-based interventions to assist TCKs with their transient lifestyle struggles.
Keywords: Autobiographical remembering
Collage life story elicitation technique
Social relationship
Third culture kids
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