Brittle behavior of high strength concrete
Zhao Y.1; Li Z.1; Xu S.2
Source Publication11th International Conference on Fracture 2005, ICF11
AbstractHigh strength concrete (HSC) has been widely applied worldwide in recent years due to its favorable strength and dense microstructure. HSC shows some characteristics and engineering properties different from those of normal-strength concrete even they utilize similar raw materials. One obvious characteristic is its brittleness. This paper investigates the brittleness behavior of HSC. Specimens for unaixal compression and three-point bending (TPB) have been prepared and tested for concretes with compressive strength ranges from 30MPa to 90MPa. In additional to the conventional parameters, two new parameters have been proposed to describe the brittleness of a concrete: the cracking Poisson's ratio, V derived from concrete cylinder compression test, and l from the TPB test based on two parameter fracture model (TPFM). The fracture failure of a concrete under uniaxial compression is governed by the formation and propagation of microcracks within the concrete. The cracking Poisson' ratio, V is intimately associated with the dilation effect caused by microcracking parallel to the loading direction. The smaller the V value, the less the strain developed. Many investigations have proved that the fracture toughness K increases with increasing concrete strength due to the contribution of the increased strength. However, the level of the increase of K is far less than that of its strength. It implies that fracture toughness is not appropriate to characterize the fracture characteristic of a concrete. Hence, a new brittleness quantity l=(K /f), combining both fracture toughness and tensile strength f, is used to measure the brittleness of concrete. With dimension of length, it is somehow like the characteristic length l =EG/f introduced in fictitious fracture model (FCM). As a measurement of brittleness of HSC, the smaller the l, the more brittle the concrete.
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Document TypeConference paper
专题University of Macau
Affiliation1.Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2.Dalian University of Technology
GB/T 7714
Zhao Y.,Li Z.,Xu S.. Brittle behavior of high strength concrete[C],2005:933-938.
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