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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07Alkaloids isolated from natural herbs as the anti-cancer agentsChen, Xiu Ping (陳修平); Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤); Huang, Min; Bao, Jiao Lin (鮑嬌琳); Lu, Jin Jian (陸金健)
2011-07Anti-cancer natural products isolated from chinese medicinal herbsTan, Wen; Lu, Jin Jian (陸金健); Chen, Mei Wan (陳美婉); Wu, Guo Sheng (吳國勝); Zhong, Zhang Feng (鍾章鋒); Xu, Zeng Tao (徐曾濤); Dang, Yuan Ye (黨元野); Guo, Jia Jie (郭佳杰); Chen, Xiu Ping (陳修平); Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤)
2014-11-19Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in China: Integrating Chinese research and development capabilities for global drug innovationShi, Yun-Zhen; Hu, Hao (胡豪); Wang, Chunming
2014-09-01Popularity and customer preferences for over-the-counter Chinese medicines perceived by community pharmacists in Shanghai and Guangzhou: a questionnaire survey studyGe, Shuai; He, Tian-Tian; Hu, Hao (胡豪)
2014-11-16Label-free luminescence switch-on detection of hepatitis C virus NS3 helicase activity using a G-quadruplex-selective probeLeung, Ka Ho; He, Hong Zhang; He, Bing yong; Zhong, Hai Jing; Lin, Sheng; Wang, Yi tao (王一濤); Ma, Dik Lung; Leung, Chung Hang (梁重恒)
2015-04-20A novel 12, 23-epoxy dammarane saponin from PanaPanax notoginsengYUAN, Cen; Xu, Fa Xiang; HUANG, Xiao Jun; LI, Shao Ping (李紹平); ZHANG, Qing Wen (張慶文)
2015-02-10Phenolic Derivatives from the Root Bark of Oplopanax horridusHuang, Wei Hua; Zhang, Qing Wen(張慶文); Wang, Chong Zhi; Yuan, Chun Su; Li, Shao ping(李紹平)
2013-02Adiponectin: a biomarker for rheumatoid arthritis?Chen, Xiu Ping (陳修平); Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤)
2014-04-02Simultaneous determination of original, degraded ginsenosides and aglycones by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry for quantitative evaluation of Du-Shen-Tang, the decoction of ginsengZhou, Shanshan; Li, Songlin; Yan, Ru (燕茹); Xu, Jin-Di; Zhu, He; Shen, Hong; Xu, Jun; Mao, Qian
2013-09-20Antitumor effects of two extracts from oxytropis falcata on hepatocellular carcinoma in vitro and in vivoYang, Guangming; Yan, Ru (燕茹); WANG, Zhao-Xian; ZHANG, Fang-Fang; PAN, Yang; CAI, Bao-Chang