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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-05-30Endogenous Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Prevents Aβ1-42 Oligomer-Induced Neuronal InjuryTan, Yuan; Ren, Hui xia; Shi, Zhe; Yao, Xiao li; He, Cheng wei (何承偉); Kang, Jing X; Wan, Jian bo (萬建波); Li, Peng (李鵬); Yuan, Ti fei; Su, Huan xing (蘇煥興)
2016SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF AMOMUM VILLOSUM: A SYSTEMATIC INVESTIGATION ON THREE DIFFERENT PRODUCTION MODESLai, Yunfeng; Chen, Lingxiao; Chen, Yu-Ning; Zhao, Jing (趙靜); Leong, Fong; Li, Xi-Wen; Yang, Qing; Li, Peng (李鵬); Hu, Hao (胡豪)
2015-11-26Enriched Endogenous Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Protect Cortical Neurons from Experimental Ischemic InjuryShi, Zhe; Ren, Hui xia; Luo, Chuan ming; Yao, Xiao li; Li, Peng (李鵬); He, Cheng wei (何承偉); Kang, Jing X; Wan, Jian bo (萬建波); Yuan, Ti fei; Su, Huan xing (蘇煥興)
2016-03-22Direct quantification of rare earth elements concentrations in urine of workers manufacturing cerium, lanthanum oxide ultrafine and nanoparticles by a developed and validated ICP-MSLi, Yan; Yu, Hua (余華); Zheng, Si qian; Miao, Yang; Yin, Shi; Li, Peng (李鵬); Bian, Ying (卞鷹)
2016-05-25Dietary α-linolenic acid-rich flaxseed oil prevents against alcoholic hepatic steatosis via ameliorating lipid homeostasis at adipose tissue-liver axis in miceWang, Meng; Zhang, Xiao jing; Feng, Kun; He, Cheng wei (何承偉); Li, Peng (李鵬); Hu, Yuan jia (胡元佳); Su, Huan xing (蘇煥興); Wan, Jian bo (萬建波)
2016-04-05Activated Charge-Reversal Polymeric Nano-System: The Promising Strategy in Drug Delivery for Cancer TherapyHu, Yichen; Gong, Xiao; Zhang, Jinming; Chen, Fengqian; Fu, Chaomei; Li, Peng (李鵬); Zou, Liang; Zhao, Gang
2015-11-28Qualitative and quantitative characterization of phenolic and diterpenoid constituents in Danshen (Salvia miltiorrhiza) by comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography coupled with hybrid linear ion trap Orbitrap massCao, Ji liang; Wei, Jin chao; Hu, Yuan jia (胡元佳); He, Cheng wei (何承偉); Chen, Mei wan (陳美婉); Wan, Jian bo (萬建波); Li, Peng (李鵬)
2015-08-20Cytotoxicity of pregnane glycosides of Cynanchum otophyllumZhang, Mi; Li, Xiang; Xiang, Cheng; Qin, Yi; He, Jing; Li, Bao cai; Li, Peng (李鵬)
2016-10-11Endogenous n-3 Fatty Acids Alleviate Carbon-Tetrachloride-Induced Acute Liver Injury in Fat-1 Transgenic MiceFeng, Ruibing; Wang, Meng; Yan, Chunyan; Li, Peng (李鵬); Chen, Meiwan (陳美婉); He, Chengwei (何承偉); Wan, Jianbo (萬建波)