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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Community pharmacists’ perceptions about pharmaceutical service of over-the-counter traditional Chinese medicine: a survey study in Harbin of ChinaSong, Menghuan; Ung, Oi Lam Carolina; Lee, Wing-yan Vivian; Hu, Yuanjia(胡元佳); Zhao, Jing(趙靜); Li, Peng(李鵬); Hu, Hao(胡豪)
2016-11-04Berberine protects against 6-OHDA-induced neurotoxicity in PC12 cells and zebrafish through hormetic mechanisms involving PI3K/AKT/Bcl-2 and Nrf2/HO-1 pathwaysZhang, Chao; Li, Chuwen; Chen, Shenghui; Li, Zhiping; Jia, Xuejing; Wang, Kai; Bao, Jiaolin; Liang, Yeer; Wang, Xiaotong; Chen, Meiwan(陳美婉); Li, Peng(李鵬); Su, Huanxing(蘇煥興); Wan, Jianbo(萬建波); Lee, Ming Yuen(李銘源); Liu, Kechun; He, Chengwei(何承偉)
2016-01-12Sensitive detection of organophosphorus pesticides in medicinal plants using ultrasound-assisted dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction combined with sweeping micellar electrokinetic chromatographyWei, Jin chao; Hu, Ji; Cao, Ji liang; Wan, Jian bo(萬建波); He, Cheng wei(何承偉); Hu, Yuan jia(胡元佳); Hu, Hao(胡豪); Li, Peng(李鵬)
2016-10-29α-Glucosidase inhibitory activity and structural characterization of polysaccharide fraction from Rhynchosia minima rootJia, Xuejing; Hu, Jie; He, Muxue; Zhang, Qingwen(張慶文); Li, Peng(李鵬); Wan, Jianbo(萬建波); He, Chengwei(何承偉)
2016-06-07An investigation Into Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals in China: Development Trend and Medical Service InnovationWang, Liang; Suo, Sizhuo; Li, Jian(李堅); Hu, Yuanjia(胡元佳); Li, Peng(李鵬); Wang, Yitao(王一濤); Hu, Hao(胡豪)
2016-12-19Anti-melanoma activity of Forsythiae Fructus aqueous extract in mice involves regulation of glycerophospholipid metabolisms by UPLC/Q-TOF MS-based metabolomics studyBao, Jiaolin; Liu, Fang; Zhang, Chao; Wang, Kai; Jia, Xuejing; Chen, Meiwan(陳美婉); Li, Peng(李鵬); Su, Huanxing(蘇煥興); Wang, Yitao(王一濤); Wan, Jianbo(萬建波); He, Chengwei(何承偉)
2016-05-11Enriched Endogenous Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Mice Ameliorate Parenchymal Cell Death After Traumatic Brain InjuryRen, Huixia; Yang, Zhen; Luo, Chuanming; Zeng, Haitao; Li, Peng(李鵬); Kang, JingX; Wan, Jianbo(萬建波); He, Chengwei(何承偉); Su, Huanxing(蘇煥興)