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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-03-18ATP modulates poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1-facilitated topoisomerase I-linked DNA religation in the presence of camptothecinPark, Shin Young; Leung, Chung Hang; Cheng, Yung Chi
2007-03-20Chemical characteristics of three medicinal plants of the Panax genus determined by HPLC-ELSDWan, Jian-Bo (萬建波); Li, Shao-ping (李紹平); Chen, Jun-Ming; Wang, Yi-Tao (王一濤)
2006-10-25Quality evaluation of Ganoderma through simultaneous determination of nine triterpenes and sterols using pressurized liquid extraction and high performance liquid chromatographyZhao, Jing (趙靜); Zhang, Xiao-Qi; Li, Shao-Ping (李紹平); Yang, Feng-Qing; Wang, Yi-Tao (王一濤); Ye, Wen-Cai
2006-05-02Quality evaluation of Cordyceps through simultaneous determination of eleven nucleosides and bases by RP-HPLCYu, Li; Zhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Shao Ping (李紹平); Fan, Hui; Hong, Min; Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤); Zhu, Quan
2009-07-02Panax notoginseng Reduces Atherosclerotic Lesions in ApoE-Deficient Mice and Inhibits TNF-alpha-Induced Endothelial Adhesion Molecule Expression and Monocyte AdhesionWan, Jian bo (萬建波); Lee, Ming Yuen (李銘源); Wang, Jing dong; Wang, Nan; He, Cheng wei; Wang, Yi tao (王一濤); Kang, Jing X.
2004-09-03Simultaneous determination of six main nucleosides and bases in natural and cultured Cordyceps by capillary electrophoresisGong, Y.X.; Li, S.P.(李紹平); Li, P.(李鵬); Liu, J.J.; Wang, Y.T.(王一濤)
2005-12-15A rapid HPLC–ESI-MS/MS for qualitative and quantitative analysis of saponins in “XUESETONG” injectionLai, C.M.(黎暢明); Li, S.P.(李紹平); Yu, H.(余華); Wan, J.B.(萬建波); Kan, K.W.; Wang, Y.T.(王一濤)
2009-10-28Stabilization of G-Quadruplex DNA with Platinum(II) Schiff-base Complexes: Luminescent Probe and Down Regulation of c-myc Oncogene ExpressionWu, Peng; Ma, Dik Lung; Leung, Chung Hang; Yan, Siu Cheong; Zhu, Nian yong; Abagyan, R.; Che, Chi Ming
2004-12-01Involvement of NF-κB and c-myc signaling pathways in the apoptosis of HL-60 cells induced by alkaloids of Tripterygium hypoglaucum (levl.) HutchZhuang, W. J.; Fong, C. C; Cao, J.; Ao, L.; Leung, C.-H.; Cheung, H. Y; Xiao, P. G; Fong, W. F.; Yang, M. S.