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Title: Portuguese-Chinese Machine Translation in Macau
Authors: Li, Yi Ping (李怡平)
Pun, Chi Man (潘治文)
Wu, Fei
Issue Date: Sep-1999
Publisher: Machine Translation Summit
Citation: The machine translation summit VII, Sep. 1999
Abstract: There have been substantial changes in computing practices in the cyberspace, mainly as a result of the proliferation of low priced under-utilized powerfully heterogeneous computers are connected by high-speed links. In this paper we reminisce the vicissitude of computing platform and introduce our Portuguese-Chinese corpus-based machine translation (CBMT) system which employs a statistical approach with automatic bilingual alignment support. Our improved algorithm for aligning bilingual parallel texts can achieve 97% of accuracy. At the same time, we broach the "distributed translation computing" concept to construct a uniform distributed shared-object technical term retrieving workstation and achieve high computing performance balance of network where heterogeneous computers inherently root and are intermittently under-utilized. Whereby it, we can expedite to retrieve technical terms from noisy bilingual web text and build up the Portuguese- Chinese corpus-base.

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