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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04-07Asymptotics of Sample Entropy Production Rate for Stochastic Differential EquationsWang, Feng yu; Xiong, Jie; Xu, Li hu (徐禮虎)
2014-12-15Estimation of hyperbolically partial derivatives of ρ-harmonic quasiconformal mappings and its applicationsChen, Xing di; Qian, Tao(錢濤)
2015-08-19Boundary value problems for periodic analytic functionsDang, Pei; Du, Jin yuan; Qian, Tao (錢濤)
2015-07-27High Order Difference Schemes for a Time Fractional Differential Equation with Neumann Boundary ConditionsVong, Seak Weng(黃錫榮); Wang, Zhi bo
2013-12-16A compact difference scheme for a two dimensional fractional Klein–Gordon equation with Neumann boundary conditionsVong, Seak Weng (黃錫榮); Wang, Zhi bo
2014-02-22On the linearization theorem for nonautonomous differential equationsXia, Yong Hui; Wang, Rong ting; Kou, Kit Ian (高潔欣); O'Regan, Donal
2015-05-26Stronger Uncertainty Principles for Hypercomplex SignalsYang, Yan; Dang, Pei; Qian, Tao (錢濤)
2015-01-22Three-point combined compact alternating direction implicit difference schemes for two-dimensional time-fractional advection-diffusion equationsGao, Guang hua; Sun, Hai wei (孫海衛)
2016-08-24Model free feature screening for ultrahigh dimensional data with responses missing at randomLai, Peng; Liu, Yi ming; Liu, Zhi; Wan, Yi
2017-02-06A multigrid method for linear systems arising from time-dependent two-dimensional space-fractional diffusion equationsLin, Xue-lei; Ng, Michael K.; Sun, Haiwei(孫海衛)
2017-01-17Certain Subclasses of Multivalent Functions Defined by Higher-Order DerivativeLi, Xiaofei; Ding, Deng(丁燈); Xu, Liping; Qin, Chuan; Hu, Songbo
2014-09-03Sharper Uncertainty Principles for the Windowed Fourier TransformLiu, Ming Sheng; Kou, Kit Ian (高潔欣); Morais, Joao; Dang, Pei
2015-10-01Fast approximate inversion of a block triangular Toeplitz matrix with applications to fractional sub-diffusion equationsLu, Xin; Pang, Hongkui; Sun, Haiwei (孫海衛)
2014-10-01A fast high-order sinc-based algorithm for pricing options under jump-diffusion processesLiu, Jun; Sun, Haiwei (孫海衛)
2014-02-01Uncertainty Principles for Hypercomplex Signals in the Linear Canonical Transform DomainsYang, Yan (諸嫣); Kou, Kit Ian (高潔欣)
2015-10-15Fast Numerical Solution for Fractional Diffusion Equations by Exponential Quadrature RuleZhang, Lu; Sun, Haiwei (孫海衛); Pang, Hongkui
2014-04-08Construction of Biholomorphic Convex Mappings of Order alpha on BpLiu, Mingsheng; Yang, Fengying; Kou, Kit Ian (高潔欣); Huang, Changqin
2015-11-15Gradient estimates for SDEs Driven by Multiplicative Lévy NoiseWang, Fengyu; Xu, Lihu (徐禮虎); Zhang, Xicheng
2014-09-01A daptive Fourier decomposition and rational approximation — Part II: Software system design and developmentZhang, Liming (張立明); Hong, Wei; Mai, Weixiong; Qian, Tao (錢濤)
2015-09-01Pitt's inequality and the uncertainty principle associated with thc quaternion Fourier transformChen, L; Kou, Kit Ian (高潔欣); Liu, Ming Sheng
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 95