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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10-06Self-expansion, self-exfoliation and self-dispersion: insights into colloidal formation of atomically thin two-dimensional MoO2.5(OH)0.5Wang, Hai; Su, Yan (粟燕)
2016-05-12One-day-ahead daily power forecasting of photovoltaic systems based on partial functional linear regression modelsWang, GuoChang; Su, Yan(粟燕); Shu, Lianjie
2016-12-26Design and synthesis of ternary-component layered double hydroxides for high-performance supercapacitors: understanding the role of trivalent metal ionsWang, Xin; Lin, Yinyin; Su, Yan (粟燕); Zhang, Bing; Li, Cunjun; Wang, Hai; Wang, Linjiang
2016-11-24A Novel AdaBoost Framework With Robust Threshold and Structural OptimizationZhang, Pengbo; Yang, Zhixin(楊 志 新)
2015-08-18A Memetic Algorithm for Global Optimization of Multimodal Nonseparable ProblemsZhang, Geng; Li, Yangmin
2016-04-08H∞ Synchronization of Coupled Reaction-Diffusion Neural Networks with Mixed DelaysHe, Ping; Li, Yangmin
2015-09-30Optimal guaranteed cost synchronization of coupled neural network with Markovian jump and mode-dependent mixed time-delayHe, Ping; Li, Yangmin
2015-12-18Development of an electromagnetic actuated micro-displacement moduleXiao, Xiao; Li, Yangmin
2016-06-10Kinematics analysis of a novel over-constrained three degree-of-freedom spatial parallel manipulatorLi, Bin; Li, Yang min; Zhao, Xin hua
2010-11-14Recognizing generalized pockets for optimizing machining time in process planning - Part 1Yang, Zhi xin; JONEJA, AJAY; ZHU, SHAOMING
2013-11-12Digital Sliding-Mode Control of Piezoelectric Micropositioning System Based on Input-Output ModelXu, Qing song (徐青松)
2015-05-22Optimal Sensor Deployment for Manufacturing Process Monitoring Based on Quantitative Cause-Effect GraphHe, Kang; Jia, Min ping; Xu, Qing song (徐青松)
2015-06-24Piezoelectric Nanopositioning Control Using Second-Order Discrete-Time Terminal Sliding Mode StrategyXu, Qing song (徐青松)
2016-05-27Precision Motion Control of Piezoelectric Nanopositioning Stage With Chattering-Free Adaptive Sliding Mode ControlXu, Qing song (徐青松)
2016-10-16Design of a Microelectromechanical Systems Microgripper with Integrated Electrothermal Actuator and Force SensorYang, Sijie; Xu, Qingsong(徐青松)
2015-08-17Novel Fuzzy Modeling and Synchronization of Chaotic Systems With Multinonlinear Terms by Advanced Ge-Li Fuzzy ModelLi, Shih Yu; Tam, Lap Mou (譚立武); Tsai, Shang En; Ge, Zheng Ming
2015-03-05Macroscopic Correlation for Natural Convection in Water Saturated Metal Foam Relative to the Placement within an Enclosure Heated from BelowSu, Yan (粟燕); Wade, Aaron; Davidson, Jane
2015-02-16A Non-Dimensional Lattice Boltzmann Method for direct and porous medium model simulations of 240-tube bundle heat exchangers in a solar storage tankSu, Yan (粟燕); Davidson, Jane
2014-04-23Analysis of Daily Solar Power Prediction with Data-driven ApproachesLong, Huan; Zhang, Zi Jun; Su, Yan (粟燕)
2016-10-24Correlating Isothermal Friction Factor Data for Micro-fin Tubes Using Logistic Dose Response Curve Fitting MethodTam, Hou Kuan Calvin; Tam, Lap Mou (譚立武); Ghajar, Afshin J.; Fu, Pak Hang; Sun, Cheong
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 111