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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-03-02Structured Neural Networks for Constrained Model Predictive ControlWang, Lixin; Wan, Feng
2009-02-12Frequency-bandwidth-tunable powerline notch filter for biopotential acquisition systemsMa, C.-T.; Mak, P.-I(麥沛然); Vai, M.-I.(韋孟宇); Mak, P.-U.(麥炳源); Pun, S.-H.(潘少恒); W., Feng(萬峰); Martins, R.P.
2012-04-05A 0.83-μW QRS Detection Processor Using Quadratic Spline Wavelet Transform for Wireless ECG Acquisition in 0.35- μm CMOSIeong, Chio-In; Mak, Pui In(麥沛然); Lam, Chi-Pang; Dong, Cheng; Vai, Mang I( 韋孟宇); Mak, Peng Un(麥炳源); Pun, Sio Hang(潘少恒); Wan, Feng(萬峰); Martins, Rui P.
2013-03-1215-nW Biopotential LPFs in 0.35- μm CMOS Using Subthreshold-Source-Follower Biquads With and Without Gain CompensationZhang, Tantan; Mak, Pui In(麥沛然); Vai, Mang I(韋孟宇); Mak, Peng Un(麥炳源); Law, Man Kay(羅文基); Pun, Sio Hang(潘少恒); Wan, Feng(萬峰); Martins, Rui P.
2003-10-07Guided-wave characteristics of periodic coplanar waveguides with inductive loading – unit-length transmission parametersZhu, Lei (祝雷)
215-06-01Multiple-Mode Wideband Dual-Polarized Antenna for Long Term Evolution (LTE) ApplicationWong, Sai Wai; Huang, Qi Kai; Sun, Guang Hua; Zhu, Lei (祝雷); Chu, Qing Xin
2005-11-25Effective complex permittivity and permeability of composite planar left-handed transmission line metamaterials on CPWGao, Jing; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2004-09-16Aperture-backed microstrip stepped impedance resonator with ultra-broad rejection bandwidthWang, H.; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2005-05-18Side-coupled microstrip open-loop resonator for harmonic-suppressed bandpass filtersWang, Hang; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2007-01-26Stopband-improved dual-mode bandpass filter using side-slit patch ResonatorLi, Rui; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
1999-10-01A joint field/circuit model of line-to-ring coupling structure and its application to design of microstrip dual-mode filters and ring resonator circuitsZhu, Lei (祝雷); Wu, Ke
2015-06-01A miniaturized wide-beamwidth circularly polarized planar antenna via two pairs of folded dipoles in a square contourLuo, Yu; Chu, Qing Xin; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2015-12-17A compact printed filtering antenna with good suppression of upper harmonic bandSun, Guang Hua; Wong, Sai Wai; Zhu, Lei (祝雷); Chu, Qing Xin
2015-02-18Planar dual-mode wideband antenna using short-circuited-strips loaded slotline radiator: operation principle, design and validationLu, Wen Jun; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2013-11-21High-selective wideband bandpass filter with an adjustable notched-band using stub-loaded resonatorWang, Y.X.; Zhu, L.(祝雷); Zhang, S.B.
2016-02-03A printed wide-beamwidth circularly polarized antenna via two pairs of radiating slots placed in a square contourLiu, Neng Wu; Zhu, Lei (祝雷); Choi, Wai Wa (蔡偉華)
2015-08-05Analysis of HARQ-IR over Time-Correlated Rayleigh Fading ChannelsShi, Zheng; Ding, Hai chuan; Ma, Shao dan (馬少丹); Tam, Kam Weng (譚錦榮)
2016-01-08On the stability of the continuous-time Kalman Filter subject to exponentially decaying perturbationsViegas, Daniel; Batista, Pedro; Oliveira, Paulo; Silvestre, Carlos
2016-03-15Synthesis and Design of Mixed Lumped and Distributed Low-Pass Filters/Low-Passing Impedance Transformers With Taylor SeriesZhang, Runqi; Luo, Sha; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2015-12-17Synthesis Method for Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Bandpass Filter With Even-Order Chebyshev ResponseWang, Kai; Wong, Sai Wai; Sun, Guang Hua; Chen, Zhi Ning; Zhu, Lei (祝雷); Chu, Qing Xin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 129