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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11-17An Ulm-like Cayley Transform Method for Inverse Eigenvalue Problems with Multiple EigenvaluesShen, Wei ping; Li, Chong; Jin, Xiao Qin
2010-12An ultra low power 9-bit 1-MS/s pipelined SAR ADC for bio-medical applicationsYin, Guo He; Chio, U Fat; Wei, He Gong; Sin, Sai Weng (冼世榮); U, Seng Pan (余成斌); Martins, Rui Paulo Da Silva; Wang, Zhi Hua
2012-09Ultra-area-efficient three-stage amplifier using current buffer Miller compensation and parallel compensationYan, Zu Shu (嚴祖樹); Mak, Pui In (麥沛然); Law, Man Kay (羅文基); Martins, Rui Paulo Da Silva
2014-02-26Ultra-Flexibility and Unusual Electronic, Magnetic and Chemical Properties of Waved Graphenes and NanoribbonsPan, Hui (潘暉); Chen, Bin
2005-10-31Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Bandpass Filters Using Multiple-Mode ResonatorZhu, Lei; Sun, Sheng; Menzel, Wolfgang
2005-09-26Ultra-wideband bandpass filter on aperture-backed microstrip lineZhu, L.; Wang, H.
2007-03-01Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filter on Coplanar Waveguide: Proposal and ImplementationGao, Jing; Zhu, Lei; Menzel, Wolfgang; Bögelsack, Frank
2005-12-05Ultra-wideband bandpass filter using back-to-back microstrip-to-CPW transition structureWang, H.; Zhu, L.
2008-12-12Ultra-wideband bandpass filters with improved out-of-band behavior via embedded electromagnetic-bandgap multimode resonatorsWong, S.W.; Zhu, L.
2012-04Ultra-wideband differential bandpass filter with narrow notched band and improved common-mode suppression by DGSShi, Su Yang; Choi, Wai Wa (蔡偉華); Che, Wen Quan; Tam, Kam Weng (譚錦榮); Xue, Quan
2007-12-04Ultra-wideband microstrip-slotline bandpass filter with enhanced rejection skirts and widened upper stopbandLi, R.; Zhu, L.
2008-08-05Ultra-Wideband Power Divider With Good In-Band Splitting and Isolation PerformancesWong, Sai Wai; Zhu, Lei
2009-11-13Ultra-wideband power dividers with good isolation and improved sharp roll-off skirtWong, S.W.; Zhu, L.
2011-09-15An Ultrawideband (UWB) Slotline Antenna Under Multiple-Mode ResonanceHuang, X.D.; Cheng, C.H.; Zhu, L.
2013-08UM-checker: a hybrid system for english grammatical error correctionXing, Jun Wen; Wang, Long Yue; Wong, Fai (黃輝); Chao, Sam (周沁); Zeng, Xiao Dong
2012-12The unacceptable self in flaws in the glass and vossWatt, George
2015-08-18The unbearable lightness of culpability: the compensation for damages in the practice of medicineRaposo, Vera Lúcia
2013-08-29Uncertainty Principles for Hypercomplex Signals in the Linear Canonical Transform DomainsYang, Yan; Kou, Kit Ian (高潔欣)
2014-02-01Uncertainty Principles for Hypercomplex Signals in the Linear Canonical Transform DomainsYang, Yan (諸嫣); Kou, Kit Ian (高潔欣)