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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Sampling error analysis and some properties of non-bandlimited signals that are reconstructed bygeneralized sinc functionsLi, You Fa; Chen, Qiu Hui; Qian, Tao (錢濤); Wang, Yi
2012-06Satisfaction and dissatisfaction with slotting allowance in China: perspective of Chinese managers of a large manufacturer and a large retailer in ChinaKaynak, Erdener; Chow, Siu Fung (鄒少峰); Xie, Jason
2011-09Saving face: hierarchical positioning in family-school relationships in Macaovan Schalkwyk, Gertina Johanna
2016-06-17Scene-adaptive single image dehazing via opening dark channel modelLiu, Xin; Zhang, He; Tang, Yuan Yan(唐遠炎); Du, Ji-Xiang
2005-10-01A Schematic Analysis of the Translator’s Cognitive ProcessZhang, Meifang (張美芳)
2013-07School counseling and family services in southeast asia: towards the development of school-based family counselingVan Schalkwyk, Gertina Johanna
2013-06-24School-based counselling in MacaoVan Schalkwyk, Gertina Johanna; Sit, Ho Yi Holly
2013-02Science and Mathematics achievement and the importance of classroom composition: multicountry analysis using TIMSS 2007Chudgar, Amita; Luschei, Thomas; Zhou, Yi Su (周憶粟)
2013Science coursework and pedagogical beliefs of science teachers: the case of science teachers in the PhilippinesMacugay, Eva B.; Bernardo, Allan B.I.
2013-03-01Screen printing of solder resist as master substrates for fabrication of multi-level microfluidic channels and flask-shaped microstructures for cell-based applicationsLi, Cheuk Wing (李卓榮)
2012-09Screening neuroprotective agents through 4-hydroxynonenal, ethanol, high glucose, homocysteine, okadaic acid, rotenone, and oxygen-glucose deprivation induced pc12 injury models: a reviewChen, Xiu Ping (陳修平); Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤); Guo, Jia Jie (郭佳杰); Bao, Jiao Lin (鮑嬌琳); Xu, Wen Shan; Huang, Yan Juan
2012-03Screening of free radical scavengers from Erigeron breviscapus using on-line HPLC-ABTS/DPPH based assay and mass spectrometer detectionLi, Fei; Zhang, Lin Dong; Li, Bao Cai; Yang, Jian; Yu, Hua; Wan, Jian Bo (萬建波); Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤); Li, Peng (李鵬)
2014-01-01Screening of xanthine oxidase inhibitors in complex mixtures using online HPLC coupled with postcolumn fluorescence-based biochemical detectionLi, Shaoping (李紹平); Zhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Deqiang
2013Screening the Antiangiogenic Constituents from Salvia przewalskii Maxim and Quantitative Analysis of ThemZhu, Luping; Xiang, Cheng; Zhuang, Wenting; He, Jing; Qin, Yi; Li, Peng(李鵬); Li, Baocai
2013-08-13Scutellarin Attenuates Hypertension-Induced Expression of Brain Toll-Like Receptor 4/Nuclear Factor Kappa BChen, Xingyong; Shi, Xiaogeng; Zhang, Xu; Lei, Huixin; Long, Simei; Su, Huanxing(蘇煥興); Pei, Zhong; Huang, Ruxun
2013-08-13Scutellarin attenuates hypertension-induced expression of brain Toll-like receptor 4/nuclear factor kappa BChen, Xingyong; Shi, Xiaogeng; Zhang, Xu (張旭); Lei, Huixin; Long, Shimei; Su, Huanxing (蘇煥興); Pei, Zhong; Huang, Ruxun
2012-07A search for the dominant free surface fluctuation frequency downstream of the oscillating hydraulic jump with the Bayesian spectral density approachMok, Kai Meng (莫啟明); Yuen, Ka Veng (阮家榮); Cheong, K. H.; Hoi, Ka In (許嘉賢)
2013-07-24The secondariness of virgilian epic and its unprecedented originalityWilliam, Paul Franke
2013-06Sector projection fourier descriptor for Chinese character recognitionDong, Li; Wang, Jian; Li, Yuan Man; Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎)
2015-03-25Secure Reversible Image Data Hiding over Encrypted Domain via Key ModulationZhou, Jian tao (周建濤); Sun, Wei wei; Dong, Li; Liu, Xian ming; Au, Oscar C.; Tang, Yuan Yan (唐遠炎)