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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-05-28Rainstorm simulation in Macao with WRFLou, Mei Meng; Mok, Kai Meng (莫啟明)
2005-12-15A rapid HPLC–ESI-MS/MS for qualitative and quantitative analysis of saponins in “XUESETONG” injectionLai, C.M.(黎暢明); Li, S.P.(李紹平); Yu, H.(余華); Wan, J.B.(萬建波); Kan, K.W.; Wang, Y.T.(王一濤)
2010-01A rapid power-switchable track-and-hold amplifier in 90-nm CMOSWei, He Gong; Chio, U Fat; Zhu, Yan (朱燕); Sin, Sai Weng (冼世榮); U, Seng Pan (余成斌); Martins, Rui Paulo Da Silva
2011-12Rapid simultaneous determination of multiple pesticide residues in traditional Chinese medicines using programmed temperature vaporizer injection–fast gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometryDu, Gang; Song, Yue Lin (宋月林); Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤)
2011-05Rate-dependent hysteresis modeling and compensation using least squares support vector machinesXu, Qing Song (徐青松); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Li, Yang Min (李楊民)
2013-05Rational orthogonal systems are schauder basesQian, Tao (錢濤); Chen, Qiu Hui; Tan, Li Hui
2016-08-12The Rationality of Four Metrics of Network Robustness: A Viewpoint of Robust Growth of Generalized MeshesYang, Xiaofan; Zhu, Yuanrui; Hong, Jing; Yang, Lu-Xing; Wu, Yingbo; Tang, Yuan Yan(唐遠炎)
2012-07Reading different cultures through cultural translation: On translation of site names in Macau Historic CentreZhang, Mei Fang (張美芳)
2014-10-01Real-time and Robust Hand Tracking with a Single Depth CameraMa, Ziyang; Wu, Enhua (吳恩華)
2012-05Real-time clinical decision support system with data stream miningZhang, Yang (張洋); Fong, Simon; Fiaidhi, Jinan; Mohammed, Sabah
2014-09-01Real-time Depth-of-field Rendering Using Single-layer CompositionFang, Xiaoxin; Sheng, Bin; Wu, Wen (吳雯); Fan, Zengzhi; Ma, Lizhuang
2014-09-10Real-time Generation of Smooth-Particle Hydrodynamics-based Special Effects in Character AnimationXu, Tianchen; Wu, Wen (吳雯); Wu, Enhua (吳恩華)
2013-04-14Real-time generation of smoothed-particle hydrodynamics-based special effects in character animationXu, Tianchen; Wu, Wen (吴雯); Wu, Enhua (吴恩华)
2012-09Real-time prediction models for output power and efficiency of grid-connected solar photovoltaic systemsSu, Yan (粟燕); Cha, Lai Cheong; Shu, Lian Jie; Tsu, Kwok Leung
2010-12Real-time shallow water simulation on terrainLi, Dong; Liu, You Quan; Bao, Kai (鮑凱); Wu, En Hua (吳恩華)
2002-08-07Realistic Equivalent Circuit Model of Coplanar Waveguide Open Circuit: Lossy Shunt Resonator NetworkZhu, Lei
2011-04Realistic, fast, and controllable simulation of solid combustionZhu, Jian (朱鑒); Chang, Yuan Zhang (常元章); Wu, En Hua (吳恩華)
2014-04-26Realized skewness at high frequency and link to conditional market premiumLiu, Zhi (劉志); Wang, Kent; Liu, Junwei
2012-07-20Recent advances in luminescent heavy metal complexes for sensingMa, DL; Ma, VPY; Chan, DSH; Leung, KH; He, HZ; Leung, Chung Hang (梁重恒)
2014-01-30Recent Advances in Optical Molecular Imaging and SensingYuan, Zhen (袁振)