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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-09Macao monuments: in art, in poetry, and in your faceKelen, Christopher; Archer, Carol
2008-09Macau English: status, functions and formsMoody, Andrew Jackson
2012-08Macau: a seat for sino-lusophone commercial arbitrationSimões, Fernando Miguel Dias
2005-09Machine translation based on constraint-based synchronous grammarWong, Fai (黃輝); Hu, Dong Cheng (胡東成); Mao, Yu Hang; Dong, Ming Chui (董名垂); Li, Yi Ping (李怡平)
2006-02Machine translation based on translation corresponding tree structureWong, Fai (黃輝); Dong, Ming Chui (董名垂); Hu, Dong Cheng (胡東成)
2006-06Machine translation using constraint-based synchronous grammarWong, Fai (黃輝); Dong, Ming Chui (董名垂); Hu, Dong Cheng (胡東成)
2015-03-05Macroscopic Correlation for Natural Convection in Water Saturated Metal Foam Relative to the Placement within an Enclosure Heated from BelowSu, Yan (粟燕); Wade, Aaron; Davidson, Jane
2011-09Managerial insights into sachet marketing strategies and popularity in the PhilippinesSy Changco, Joseph Adea; Pornpitakpan, Chanthika; Singh, Ramendra; Bonilla, Celia M.
2010-11Manipulation of a mobile modular manipulator interacting with the environment using tactile sensing feedbackWang, Jing Guo; Li, Yang Min (李楊民)
2011-12Manipulation of a mobile modular manipulator with the assistance of tactile sensing feedbackWang, Jing Guo (王經國); Li, Yang Min (李楊民)
2011-05Map-like Wikipedia overview visualizationPang, Cheong Iao (彭祥佑); Biuk-Aghai, Robert Parviz (羅景山)
2012-12Mapas poeticos de Espanha: ressonancias da hispanofilia na obra de Jorge de SenaGago, Dora Maria Nunes
2010-08Mapping Chinese family systems and parental involvement in educational settings in Macaovan Schalkwyk, Gertina Johanna
2005-09Mapping family systems for ethical decision makingvan Schalkwyk, Gertina Johanna
2014-05-12Marine compound catunaregin inhibits angiogenesis through the modulation of phosphorylation of akt and eNOS in vivo and in vitroLiu, Junxiu; Luo, Minqi; Xia, Meng; Wu, Qi; Long, Simei; Hu, Yaohua; Su, Huanxing (蘇煥興); Luo, Xiong-Ming; Yao, Shu-Zhong
2009-02The martingale approach for credit-risky exchange option pricingDing, Deng (丁燈)
2007-11The martingale approach for credit-risky option pricingDing, Deng (丁燈); Chan, Ka Leong
2013-01Maslow and the motivation hierarchy: measuring satisfaction of the needsTaormina, Robert Joseph; Gao, Jennifer
2013-02Material basis of Chinese herbal formulas explored by combining pharmacokinetics with network pharmacologyPei, Li Xia; Bao, Yuan Wu; Liu, Sheng; Zheng, Jin; Chen, Xiu Ping (陳修平)
2014-12A Measurement Invariance Analysis of the General Self-Efficacy Scale on Two Different CulturesTeo, Timothy; Kam, Chester