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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03ICT policy for the "socialist new countryside"—a case study of rural informatization in Guangdong, ChinaTing, Yi Feng (丁懿芬); Yi, Fa Min
2013-09Identification and compensation of piezoelectric hysteresis without modeling hysteresis inverseXu, Qing Song (徐青松)
2014-09-01Identification of a natural product-like STAT3 dimerization inhibitor by structure-based virtual screeningLiu, LJ; Leung, KH; Chan, DSH; Wang, Yitao (王一濤); Ma, DL; Leung, Chung Hang (梁重恒)
2013-04-15Identification of cytochrome P450 isoenzymes involved in metabolism of (+)-praeruptorin A, a calcium channel blocker, by human liver microsomes using ultra high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometryJing, Wanghui; Song, Yuelin; Yan, Ru (燕茹); Wang, Yitao (王一濤)
2014-05-30Identification of marine neuroactive molecules in behaviour-based screens in the larval zebrafishLong, Simei; Liang, Feng-Yin; Wu, Qi; Lu, Xi-Lin; Yao, Xiao-Li; Li, Shi-Chang; Li, Jing; Su, Huanxing (蘇煥興); Pang, Ji-Yan; Pei, Zhong
2013-08-01Identification of potential anticancer compounds from Oplopanax horridusZhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Shaoping (李紹平); Wang, Chong-Zhi; Zhang, Zhiyu; Huang, Wei-Hua; Wen, Xiao-Dong; Du, Guang-Jian; Calway, Tyler; Yu, Chunhao; Nass, Rachael; Du, Wei; Yuan, Chun-Su
2013-06-01Identifying Optimal Spatial Groups for Maximum Coverage in Ubiquitous Sensor Network by Using Clustering AlgorithmsFong, Simon James (方正天); Ip, Weng Fai (葉穎暉); Liu, Elaine; Cho, Kyungeun
2014-02Identifying risk factors for victimization among male prisoners in TaiwanKuo, Shih Ya (郭世雅); Cuvelier, Steven; Huang, Yung Shun
2011-09Ignition pattern analysis for automotive engine trouble diagnosis using wavelet packet transform and support vector machinesVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Tam, Lap Mou (譚立武); Zhang, Zai Yong
2016-06-02An image classification method that considers privacy-preservationLiu, Chongwen; Shang, Zhaowei; Tang, Yuan Yan(唐遠炎)
2013-10-25Image Double Encryption Based on Parametric Discrete Cosine TransformCao, Han; Zhou, Yicong (周怡聰); Chen, C. L. Philip (陳俊龍)
2012-12Image encryption algorithm based on a new combined chaotic systemChen, C. L. Philip (陳俊龍); Zhang, Tong; Zhou, Yi Cong (周怡聰)
2013-05Image encryption in the wavelet domainBao, Long; Zhou, Yi Cong (周怡聰); Chen, C. L. Philip (陳俊龍)
2013-11Image encryption using a new parametric switching chaotic systemZhou, Yi Cong (周怡聰); Bao, Long; Chen, C. L. Philip (陳俊龍)
2012-03Image encryption using P-fibonacci transform and decompositionZhou, Yi Cong (周怡聰); Panetta, Karen; Agaian, Sos; Chen, C. L. Philip (陳俊龍)
2014-12-28Image Processing Algorithms and Measures for the Analysis of Biomedical Imaging Systems ApplicationsPanetta, Karen; Agaian, Sos; Pinoli, Jean-Charles; Zhou, Yicong (周怡聰)
2011-01Image quality and radiation dose assessment of 256-slice CT with 270-ms gantry rotation for noninvasive coronary angiographyLaw, Wei Yip; Yang, Ching Ching; Chen, Liang Kuang; Huang, Tzung Chi; Lu, Kun Mu; Wu, Tung Hsin; Mok, Seng Peng (莫昇萍)
2013-04Images of the United States: explaining the attitudes of Chinese scholars and students in the United StatesChen, Ding Ding (陳定定); Han, Dong Lin; Fang, Chang Ping
2013-05Immediate expression of Cdh2 is essential for efficient neural differentiation of mouse induced pluripotent stem cellsSu, Huan Xing (蘇煥興); Wang, Li Hui; Huang, Wen Hao; Qin, Da Jiang; Cai, Jing Lei; Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤); So, Kwok Fai; Pan, Guang Jin; Wu, Wu Tian; Pei, Duan Qing; Yao, Xiao Li; Feng, Cheng Qian; Li, Zhi Yuan
2011-04The impact of a gravity current with a vertically mounted circular cylinder - an experimental studyMok, Kai Meng (莫啟明); Leong, Chi Seng; Hoi, Ka In (許嘉賢); Yeh, Harry