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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-08Factors influencing intentions to gamble onlineLee, Chang Boon (李壯文); Xia, Lin Hammer
2011-09Factors influencing work efficiency in ChinaWei, Wei; Taormina, Robert Joseph
2013-01Factors that affect the levels of tourists’ satisfaction and loyalty towards food festivals: a case study of MacauWan, Yim King; Chan, Sow Hup
2013-01Faith and property: Pressures of development and change on the Mou Tai – Tin Hau temple in CheokKa Chun, Taipa and MacaoZabielskis, Peter Thomas
2011-10"Faith Maturity Scale" for Chinese: a revision and construct validationHui, C. Harry; Ng, Chi Wai Eddie; Mok, Shui Ying Doris; Lau, Yuet Ying Esther; Cheung, Shu Fai (張樹輝)
2013-05The family effect on extra lessons in greater China: A comparison among Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong and MacaoZhou, Yi Su (周憶粟); Wang, Dan
2015-05-06The Family Socioeconomic Effect on Extra lessons in Greater China: A Comparison among Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and MacaoZhou, Yisu (周憶粟); Wang, Dan
2016-07-27A fast accurate approximation method with multigrid solver for two-dimensional fractional sub-diffusion equationLin, Xue lei; Lu, Xin; Ng, Michael K.; Sun, Hai wei (孫海衛)
2012-01A fast adaptive model reduction method based on Takenaka–Malmquist systemsMi, Wen; Qian, Tao (錢濤); Wan, Feng (萬峰)
2015-10-01Fast approximate inversion of a block triangular Toeplitz matrix with applications to fractional sub-diffusion equationsLu, Xin; Pang, Hongkui; Sun, Haiwei (孫海衛)
2011-09Fast computing adaptively sampled distance field on GPUYin, Kang Xue; Liu, You Quan; Wu, En Hua (吳恩華)
2014-10-01A fast high-order sinc-based algorithm for pricing options under jump-diffusion processesLiu, Jun; Sun, Haiwei (孫海衛)
2015-10-15Fast Numerical Solution for Fractional Diffusion Equations by Exponential Quadrature RuleZhang, Lu; Sun, Haiwei (孫海衛); Pang, Hongkui
2013-01Fatty acid variability in three medicinal herbs of Panax speciesZhang, Xiao Jing; Huang, Li Li; Cai, Xiu Jiang; Li, Peng (李鵬); Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤); Wan, Jian Bo (萬建波)
2013-03-01Fault Detection and Isolation of LPV Systems using Set-Valued Observers: An Application to a Fixed-Wing AircraftRosa, Paulo; Silvestre, Carlos
2011-06Fault diagnosis of automotive engines using fuzzy relevance vector machineWong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Vong, Chi Man (黃志文); Zhang, Zai Yong; Xu, Qing Song (徐青松)
2011-09Fault diagnosis of automotive engines using fuzzy relevance vector machineWong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Vong, Chi Man (黃志文); Zhang, Zai Yong; Xu, Qing Song (徐青松)
2013-12-01FBG-Based Creep Analysis of GFRP Materials Embedded in ConcreteLi, Guo-Wei; Hong, Cheng-Yu; Dai, Jian; Yu, Liang; Zhou, Wan-Huan (周萬歡)
2015-06-12Feasibility study of shape memory alloy ring spring systems for self-centring seismic resisting devicesFang, Cheng; Yam, Michael C H; Lam, Angus C C(林智超); Zhang, Yanyang
2011-07Feature based similarity measures of 3D modelsYang, Zhi Xin (楊志新); Xiao, Di Fu (肖迪夫)