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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09-01A daptive Fourier decomposition and rational approximation — Part II: Software system design and developmentZhang, Liming (張立明); Hong, Wei; Mai, Weixiong; Qian, Tao (錢濤)
2012-10-01The dark side of leadership: A three-level investigation of the cascading effect of abusive supervision on creativityLiu, Dong; Liao, Hui; Loi, Raymond (雷智豪)
2010-07Data mining and automatic OLAP schema generationUsman, Muhammad; Asghar, Sohail; Fong, Simon
2011-05Data mining for resource planning and QOS supports in GSM networksFong, Simon
2004-10Data postprocessing for automotive engine tune-upVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Chan, Io Weng; Chang, Chio Pang; Leong, Wai Kei
2008-09Data preprocessing and modelling of electronically-controlled automotive engine power performance using kernel principal components analysis and least squares support vector machinesWong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Vong, Chi Man (黃志文); Tam, Lap Mou (譚立武); Li, Ke
2005-09Data transformation in modern petrol engine tune-upVong, Chi Man (黃志文); Wong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Li, Yi Ping (李怡平)
2007-10Data warehouse model for audit trail analysis in workflowsPau, Kin Chan; Si, Yain Whar (池英華); Dumas, Marlon
2008-04Data warehousing massive real-time elevator signals and maintenance recordsYang, Yi Yang; Si, Yain Whar (池英華); Leong, Wai Leong
2012-04Data-mining for an e-consultation process to design a domain-specific portal for reflection on work-integrated and service learningChaplin, Vivian Felicio; Noronha, Manuel Antonio; Ito, Sumiko
2010-12Debating China-India relations on the internet: netizens’ dialogue for constructive international politicsWu, Mei
2012-02-20Decentralized H2 observers for position and velocity estimation in vehicle formations with fixed topologiesViegas, Daniel; Batista, Pedro; Oliveira, Paulo; Silvestre, Carlos
2015-04-30Decentralized state observers for range-based position and velocity estimation in acyclic formations with fixed topologiesViegas, Daniel; Oliveira, Paulo; Batista, Pedro; Silvestre, Carlos
2013-09Defining who you are not - the roles of moral dirtiness and occupational and organizational disidentification in affecting casino employee turnover intentionLai, Yuan Man (黎婉雯); Chan, Ka Wai; Lam, Long Wai
2011-11Departure processes and busy periods of a tandem networkLian, Zhao Tong; Zhao, Ning
2008-09-01Dependent correlations in meta-analysis: The case of heterogeneous interdependenceCheung, Shu Fai (張樹輝); Chan, Darius K.-S.
2013-08A description of tunable machine translation evaluation systems in WMT13 metrics taskHan, Li Feng; Wong, Fai (黃輝); Chao, Sam (周沁); Lu, Yi; He, Liang Ye; Wang, Yi Ming; Zhou, Jia Ji
2010-12Design and analysis of a completely decoupled compliant parallel XY micro-motion stageHuang, Ji Ming; Li, Yang Min (李楊民)
2013-07-15Design and analysis of a dual-mode driven parallel XY micromanipulator for micro/nano manipulationsTang, Hui; Li, Yang Min (李楊民); Huang, Ji Ming
2011-08Design and analysis of a novel flexure-based XY micro-positioning stage driven by electromagnetic actuatorsXiao, Shun Li; Li, Yang Min (李楊民); Zhao, Xin Hua