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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09-02Aberrant JAK/STAT Signaling Suppresses TFF1 and TFF2 through Epigenetic Silencing of GATA6 in Gastric CancerWu, Cheng-Shyong; Wei, Kuo-Liang; Chou, Jian-Liang; Lu, Chung-Kuang; Hsieh, Ching-Chuan; Lin, Jora M. J.; Deng, Yi-Fang; Hsu, Wan-Ting; Wang, Hui-Min David; Leung, Chung Hang (梁重恒); Ma, Dik-Lung; Li, Chin; Chan, Michael W. Y.
2012-04Abstract line drawings from photographs using flow-based filtersWang, Shan Dong; Wu, En Hua (吳恩華); Liu, You Quan; Liu, Xue Hui; Chen, Yan Yun
2011-07Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization and Support Vector Machine for Business Optimization and ApplicationsYang, Xin She; Deb, Suash; Fong, Simon
2015-06-01Accelerated PSO Swarm Search Feature Selection for Data Stream Mining Big DataFong, Simon; Wong, Raymond; Vasilakos, Athanasios V.
2016-12-19Accelerating the Kamada-Kawai algorithm for boundary detection in a mobile ad hoc networkCheong, Se Hang; Si, Yain Whar(池英華)
2013-04-25Accurate and efficient cross-domain visual matching leveraging multiple feature representationsSun, Gang; Wang, Shuuhi; Liu, Xuehui; Huang, Qingming; Chen, Yanyun; Wu, Enhua (吳恩華)
2010-09An accurate and stable FFT-based method for pricing options under exp-lévy processesDing, Deng (丁燈); U, Sio Chong
2000-03Accurate Circuit Model of Interdigital Capacitor and Its Application to Design of New Quasi-Lumped Miniaturized Filters with Suppression of Harmonic ResonanceZhu, Lei; Wu, Ke
2004-08-17Accurate circuit models of CPW coupling elements for the design of compact quarter-wavelength band-pass filtersGao, Jing; Zhu, Lei
2013-05An accurate evaluation of adaptive exponentially weighted moving average schemesHuang, Wen Po; Shu, Lian Jie; Su, Yan (粟燕)
2016-04-05Activated Charge-Reversal Polymeric Nano-System: The Promising Strategy in Drug Delivery for Cancer TherapyHu, Yichen; Gong, Xiao; Zhang, Jinming; Chen, Fengqian; Fu, Chaomei; Li, Peng (李鵬); Zou, Liang; Zhao, Gang
2014-05-20Activation of mouse macrophages and dendritic cells induced by polysaccharides from a novel Cordyceps sinensis fungus UM01Meng, Lan-Zhen; Feng, Kun; Wang, Lan-Ying; Cheong, Kit-Leong; Nie, Hong; Zhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Shao ping (李紹平)
2012-07'Acts of Identity' in the English of Asian Popular Music: Methods and AssumptionsMoody, Andrew Jackson
2012-12Acute changes in glycemic homeostasis in response to brief high-intensity intermittent exercise in obese adultsNie, Jin Lei; Kong, Zhao Wei (孔兆偉); Baker, Julien S.; Tong, Tom K.; Lei, Seng Hong; Shi, Qing De
2002-12-01Acute Changes in Selected Serum Enzyme and Metabolite Concentrations in 12-to 14-Yr.-Old Athletes after an All-out 100-M Swimming SprintFu, Frank H.; You, Chun-ying; Kong, Zhao-wei
2012-12Adapting multilingual parsing models to sinica treebankHe, Liang Ye; Wong, Fai (黃輝); Chao, Sam (周沁)
2012-10Adapting the facilitating conditions questionnaire (FCQ) for bilingual Filipino adolescents: validating English and Filipino versionsGanotice, Fraide A.; Allan, Benedict Ison Bernardo; King, Ronnel B.
2013-06Adapting the facilitating conditions questionnaire (FCQ) for bilingual Filipino adolescents: validating English and Filipino versionsGanotice, Fraide A.; Bernardo, Allan B.I.; King, Ronnel B.
2011-07Adaptive continuous time markov chain approximation model to general jump-difusionsLo, Chia Chun (羅家俊); Cerrato, Mario; Skindilias, Konstantinos
2014-09-01Adaptive Control using Fully Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine and a Case Study on Engine Air-Fuel Ratio RegulationWong, Pak Kin (王百鍵); Vong, Chi Man (黃志文); Gao, Xianghui; Wong, Ka In