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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-122010’大眾體育健身興趣班、康復訓練班、體質測試班市民滿意度之評估報告Kong, Zhao Wei (孔兆偉)
2011-112011’「公共體育設施網絡」使用狀況的調查Kong, Zhao Wei (孔兆偉); Lei, Si Man (李思敏)
2011-112011’「運動易」會員計劃之滿意度調查Kong, Zhao Wei (孔兆偉); Sze, Tat Ming (施達明); Lei, Si Man (李思敏)
2011-112011’大眾體育健身興趣班、康復訓練班、體質監測班的市民滿意度評估Kong, Zhao Wei (孔兆偉)
2012-112012’「公共體育設施網絡」使用狀況的調查Kong, Zhao Wei (孔兆偉); Lei, Si Man (李思敏)
2012-112012’「運動易」會員計劃之滿意度調查Kong, Zhao Wei (孔兆偉); Sze, Tat Ming (施達明)
2012-112012’大眾體育健身興趣班、康復訓練班、體質監測班的市民滿意度評估Kong, Zhao Wei (孔兆偉)
2011-09256-slice CT coronary angiography in atrial fibrillation: The impact of mean heart rate and heart rate variability on image qualityChen, Liang Kuang; Hsu, Shih Ming; Mok, Seng Peng (莫昇萍); Law, Wei Yip; Lu, Kun Mu; Yang, Ching Ching; Wu, Tung Hsin
2011-11A 35 fJ 10b 160 MS/s pipelined-SAR ADC with decoupled flip-around MDAC and self-embedded offset cancellationZhu, Yan (朱燕); Chan, Chi Hang (陳知行); Sin, Sai Weng (冼世榮); U, Seng Pan (余成斌); Martins, Rui Paulo Da Silva (馬許願); Maloberti, Franco
2010-103x3 pure imaginary quaternionic solutions of the Hurwitz matrix equationsCheng, Che Man Raymond (鄭智文); Cheong, Kam Lei; Leong, Ieng Tak (梁應德)
2011-11-16A 4.8-bit ENOB 5-bit 500MS/s binary-search ADC with minimized number of comparatorsWong, Si-Seng; Chio, U Fat; Chan, Chi Hang (陳知行); Choi, Hou Lon; Sin, Sai Weng (冼世榮); U, Seng Pan (余成斌); Martins, Rui Paulo Da Silva (馬許願)
2013-06-11A 5-Bit 1.25-GS/s 4x-Capacitive-Folding FlashZhu, Yan; Chan, Chi-Hang; Sin, Sai-Weng; Maloberti, Franco; U, Seng-Pan; Martins, Rui Paulo
2013-09A 5-bit 1.25-GS/s 4x-capacitive-folding flash ADC in 65nm CMOSChan, Chi Hang; Zhu, Yan (諸嫣); Sin, Sai Weng (冼世榮); U, Seng Pan (余成斌); Martins, Rui Paulo Da Silva; Maloberti, Franco
2013-09-01A 53-to-75-mW, 59.3-dB HRR, TV-Band White-Space Transmitter Using a Low-Frequency Reference LO in 65-nm CMOSUn, Ka-Fai; Mak, Pui In (麥沛然); Martins, Rui Paulo Da Silva
2011-09A 7-bit 300-MS/s subranging ADC with embedded threshold & gain-loss calibrationChio, U Fat; Chan, Chi Hang (陳知行); Choi, Hou Lon; Sin, Sai Weng (冼世榮); U, Seng Pan (余成斌); Martins, Rui Paulo Da Silva (馬許願)
2012-04Abstract line drawings from photographs using flow-based filtersWang, Shan Dong; Wu, En Hua (吳恩華); Liu, You Quan; Liu, Xue Hui; Chen, Yan Yun
2011-07Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization and Support Vector Machine for Business Optimization and ApplicationsYang, Xin She; Deb, Suash; Fong, Simon
2015-06-01Accelerated PSO Swarm Search Feature Selection for Data Stream Mining Big DataFong, Simon; Wong, Raymond; Vasilakos, Athanasios V.
2016-12-19Accelerating the Kamada-Kawai algorithm for boundary detection in a mobile ad hoc networkCheong, Se Hang; Si, Yain Whar(池英華)
2013-04-25Accurate and efficient cross-domain visual matching leveraging multiple feature representationsSun, Gang; Wang, Shuuhi; Liu, Xuehui; Huang, Qingming; Chen, Yanyun; Wu, Enhua (吳恩華)