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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-09-16Aperture-backed microstrip stepped impedance resonator with ultra-broad rejection bandwidthWang, H.; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2015-06-03Balanced Dual-Band Bandpass Filter With Multiple Transmission Zeros Using Doubly Short-Ended Resonator Coupled LineYang, Li; Choi, Wai Wa (蔡偉華); Tam, Kam Weng (譚錦榮); Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2014-06-01Compact and High-Isolation Diplexer Using Dual-Mode Stub-Loaded ResonatorsGuan, Xuehui; Yang, Fangqi; Liu, Haiwen; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2015-12-17A compact printed filtering antenna with good suppression of upper harmonic bandSun, Guang Hua; Wong, Sai Wai; Zhu, Lei (祝雷); Chu, Qing Xin
2013-05-06Compact Tri-Band Bandpass Filter Based on λ/4 Resonators With U-Folded Coupled-LineZhang, Song Bai; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2014-03-01Design of a Compact Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Using Coupled Stepped-Impedance ResonatorsZhang, Runqi; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2014-02-01Design of a Wideband Bandpass Filter With Composite Short- and Open-Circuited StubsZhang, Runqi; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2013-09-01Dual-Resonant-Mode (DRM) Impedance Transformer and Its Application to Wideband 3 dB Power DividerChen, Dong; Zhu, Lei (祝雷); Cheng, Chonghu
2016-10-18A Dual-Wideband Differential Filter on Strip-Loaded Slotline Resonators with Enhanced Coupling SchemeGuo, Xin; Zhu, Lei (祝雷); Wu, Wen
2005-11-25Effective complex permittivity and permeability of composite planar left-handed transmission line metamaterials on CPWGao, Jing; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2014-01-01Fully canonical dual-band bandpass filter with λ/4 stepped impedance resonatorsZhang, Songbai; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2003-10-07Guided-wave characteristics of periodic coplanar waveguides with inductive loading – unit-length transmission parametersZhu, Lei (祝雷)
1999-10-01A joint field/circuit model of line-to-ring coupling structure and its application to design of microstrip dual-mode filters and ring resonator circuitsZhu, Lei (祝雷); Wu, Ke
2015-06-01A miniaturized wide-beamwidth circularly polarized planar antenna via two pairs of folded dipoles in a square contourLuo, Yu; Chu, Qing Xin; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
215-06-01Multiple-Mode Wideband Dual-Polarized Antenna for Long Term Evolution (LTE) ApplicationWong, Sai Wai; Huang, Qi Kai; Sun, Guang Hua; Zhu, Lei (祝雷); Chu, Qing Xin
2013-12-01A New Approach to Design Differential-Mode Bandpass Filters on SIW StructureXu, Xin; Wang, Jianpeng; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2014-01-01A Novel Dual-Band Bandpass Filter With Closely Spaced PassbandsChen, Dong; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2009-08-01A novel dual-mode dual-band bandpass filter based on a single ring resonatorLuo, Sha; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2015-02-18Planar dual-mode wideband antenna using short-circuited-strips loaded slotline radiator: operation principle, design and validationLu, Wen Jun; Zhu, Lei (祝雷)
2016-02-03A printed wide-beamwidth circularly polarized antenna via two pairs of radiating slots placed in a square contourLiu, Neng Wu; Zhu, Lei (祝雷); Choi, Wai Wa (蔡偉華)