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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-03Accurate Circuit Model of Interdigital Capacitor and Its Application to Design of New Quasi-Lumped Miniaturized Filters with Suppression of Harmonic ResonanceZhu, Lei; Wu, Ke
2004-08-17Accurate circuit models of CPW coupling elements for the design of compact quarter-wavelength band-pass filtersGao, Jing; Zhu, Lei
2006-03-01Aperture-Backed Microstrip-Line Stepped-Impedance Resonators and Transformers for Performance-Enhanced Bandpass FiltersWang, Hang; Zhu, Lei
2004-05-04Broad-band microstrip-to-CPW transition via frequency-dependent electromagnetic couplingZhu, Lei; Menzel, Wolfgang
2006-07-24Capacitive-Ended Interdigital Coupled Lines for UWB Bandpass Filters With Improved Out-of-Band PerformancesSun, Sheng; Zhu, Lei
2005-10-31Characterization of Infinite- and Finite-Extent Coplanar Waveguide Metamaterials With Varied Left- and Right-Handed PassbandsGao, Jing; Zhu, Lei
2004-09-03Characterization of periodic microstrip-line EBG structures with improved bandstop behaviorsWang, Hang; Zhu, Lei
1992-05Characterization of picosecond pulse propagation in a microstrip line dividerQian, Yongxi; Zhu, Lei; Yamashita, Eikichi
1997-12Characterization of Unbounded Multiport Microstrip Passive Circuits Using an Explicit Network-Based Method of MomentsZhu, Lei; Wu, Ke
2005-09-26Compact Dual-Band Microstrip Bandpass Filter Without External FeedsSun, Sheng; Zhu, Lei
2011-04-05Compact Dual-Mode Triple-Band Bandpass Filters Using Three Pairs of Degenerate Modes in a Ring ResonatorLuo, Sha; Zhu, Lei; Sun, Sheng
2011-04-05Compact Dual-Mode Triple-Band Bandpass Filters Using Three Pairs of Degenerate Modes in a Ring ResonatorLuo, Sha; Zhu, Lei; Sun, Sheng
2003-01-14Compact Microstrip Bandpass Filter With Two Transmission Zeros Using a Stub-Tapped Half-Wavelength Line ResonatorZhu, Lei; Menzel, Wolfgang
2012-04-17Compact quadruplet bandpass filter based on alternative J/K inverters and λ/4 resonatorsZhang, Songbai; Zhu, Lei; Li, Rui
2013-04-04Compact Tri-Band Bandpass Filter Based on λ/4 Resonators With U-Folded Coupled-LineZhang, Songbai; Zhu, Lei
2008-03-05A Compact Wideband Bandpass Filter Using Transversal Resonator and Asymmetrical Interdigital Coupled LinesSun, Sheng; Zhu, Lei; Tan, Huei-Hsien
2009-06-19Compact wideband bandpass filters using rhombus-shaped triple-mode resonatorWong, Sai Wai; Zhu, Lei
2002-08-07Comparative Investigation on Numerical De-Embedding Techniques for Equivalent Circuit Modeling of Lumped and Distributed Microstrip CircuitsZhu, Lei; Wu, Ke
2005-01-10Coupling behaviors of quarter-wavelength impedance transformers for wideband CPW bandpass filtersZhu, Lei; Shi, Huamin; Menzel, Wolfgang
2002-12-13CPW-FED rectangular microstrip ring antenna for suppression of parasitic backside radiationZhu, Lei; Li, Keren