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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-10Advanced development in analysis of phytochemicals from medicine and food dual purposes plants used in ChinaZhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Shao Ping (李紹平)
2012-01-15Anti-hyperlipidaemic and antioxidant effects of turmeric oil in hyperlipidaemic ratsLi, Shao Ping (李紹平); Ling, Jing Jing; Wei, Bo; Lv, Guang Ping; Ji, Hui
2012-01-30CE and CEC analysis of phytochemicals in herbal medicinesChen, Xiao Jia; Zhao, Jing (趙靜); Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤); Huang, Lu Qi; Li, Shao Ping (李紹平)
2013-09Characterization of polysaccharides from Ganoderma spp. using saccharide mappingZhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Shao Ping (李紹平); Wu, Ding Tao; Xie, Jing; Hu, De Jun
2012-04Chemical and pharmacological studies of oplopanax horridus, a North American botanicalZhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Shao Ping (李紹平); Calway, Tyler; Du, Guang Jian; Wang, Chong Zhi; Huang, Wei Hua; Yuan, Chun Su
2014-07-18Chemopreventive Effects of Oplopantriol A, a Novel Compound Isolated from Oplopanax horridus, on Colorectal CancerZhang, Zhi yu; Yu, Chun hao; Zhang, Chun Feng; Wu, Xiao Hui; Wen, Xiao Dong; Anderson, Samantha; Du, Wei; Huang, Wei Hua; Li, Shao Ping (李紹平); Wang, Chong Zhi; Yuan, Chun Su
2011-04-01Comparison and characterization of polysaccharides from natural and cultured Cordyceps using saccharide mappingGuan, Jia; Zhao, Jing (趙靜); Feng, Kun; Hu, De Jun (胡德俊); Li, Shao Ping (李紹平)
2011-11-10Comparison and characterization of polysaccharides from natural and cultured Cordyceps using saccharide mappingZhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Shao Ping (李紹平); Guan, Jia; Feng, Kun; Hu, De Jun (胡德俊)
2012-01Comparison of polysaccharides from two species of ganodermaZhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Shao Ping (李紹平); Xie, Jing (謝靜); Hu, De Jun (胡德俊); Duan, Jin Ao; Tang, Yu Ping
2012-01-31Comparison of sterols and fatty acids in two species of GanodermaLi, Shao Ping (李紹平); Zhao, Jing (趙晶); Tang, Yu Ping; Lv, Guang Ping; Duan, Jin Ao
2012-06-28Effect of ion adsorption on CEC separation of small molecules using hypercrosslinked porous polymer monolithic capillary columnsChen, Xiao Jia; Dinh, Ngoc Phuoc; Zhao, Jing (趙靜); Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤); Li, Shao Ping (李紹平); Svec, Frantisek
2006-05-02Quality evaluation of Cordyceps through simultaneous determination of eleven nucleosides and bases by RP-HPLCYu, Li; Zhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Shao Ping (李紹平); Fan, Hui; Hong, Min; Wang, Yi Tao (王一濤); Zhu, Quan
2012-03Quality evaluation of different products derived from GanodermaZhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Shao Ping (李紹平); Yang, Jing; Chen, Yi Wen (陳藝文); Leong, Nga I; Duan, Jin Ao; Tang, Yu Ping
2012-05Simultaneous determination of five active compounds in chimonanthus nitens by double-development HPTLC and scanning densitometryZhao, Jing (趙靜); Li, Shao Ping (李紹平); Zhou, Bin; Tan, Miao; Lu, Jing Feng; Xie, Ai Feng
2010-06色譜技術在中藥有效成份辨識中的應用進展Li, Shao Ping (李紹平); Zhao, Jing (趙靜); Qian, Zhen Min (錢正明); Li, Jing (李靜)